Cyanide & Happiness – Explosm Entertainment

One of the longest standing producers of cartoons on the web Cyanide & Happiness has a YouTube channel, it’s pretty awesome. The style of comedy ranges and no topics are off limits, they cover just about everything and it’s always creative. A good place to start other than the video above is the Ted bear series.


Don’t expect this channel to be popping up in your subscription feed anytime soon but do go digging through some of there old videos. ┬áSome of the best videos on the internet have been produced right here.


The upload schedule is pretty much everywhere but the content is amazing. You’ll also find a podcast here, with guests like Ethan from H3H3. The animation is as if god himself descended and produced it, it’s bizarre, inexplicable and hilarious. Enjoy

How It Should Have Ended

This channel is known for their witty animated sketches of alternative endings to popular films. The animators often find humour in these situations by applying real world logic to the cinematic universe, while the cartoons themselves are short and punchy with no room for a dull moment in between all the quick wit and clever humour. They also produce some cool behind the scenes extras, which will be especially interesting to any budding animators or content producers. Look out for the ongoing Batman and Superman cafe after-credits sequences, a definite highlight!