Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is a professional makeup artist with a huge and dedicated following on YouTube, posting a wide range of tutorials, reviews, challenges and other beauty videos. Jaclyn is a very talented makeup artist and there is lots to be learned from her videos.


Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina is another original beauty YouTuber with a long history on the site. She has a particular emphasis on products and tutorials for people of colour, but not to the exclusion of anyone. Jackie has one of the most unique personalities in the community and doesn’t shy away from giving her true opinion. She produces honest reviews and quality tutorials, as well as some other more general beauty and lifestyle content.


Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is one of the original beauty and makeup YouTubers, beginning his channel in 2008. His videos are short, to the point, and very informative, which can be a nice break from some of the other videos out there. Wayne is a professional makeup artist with a long career in the business, and some of the tips and tricks you see on YouTube and Instagram were created by him years ago. This is a great channel for genuinely helpful and informative makeup techniques.


Stephanie Nicole

If you’re after in-depth and brutally honest reviews of makeup products then this is definitely the channel for you. Stephanie Nicole is a professional in the manufacturing side of the makeup industry, so this offers a fresh and unique perspective that you may not find on many other channels. She details the shipping, the dollar to weight ratio and whether it’s good value, the production method and which factories a product may or may not be linked to. If there is a similar product for better value, you can bet that she’ll tell you about it. This isn’t really a channel for tutorials, but more a scientific and objective exploration of the value and quality of products from an industry professional.

Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is a popular Australian beauty and makeup YouTuber. She posts a wide variety of videos, from simple everyday looks to bold and bright tutorials. As with many beauty channels she reviews a variety of products and often branches branches out into other aspects of the beauty lifestyle – hauls, skincare, challenges, etc. Chloe has a distinct raw Aussie sense of humour that makes her videos that much more enjoyable.



Shannon is a down to earth 24 year old from New Zealand with a passion for makeup and beauty. She’s clearly very talented with a makeup brush and creates both basic and glamorous looks, but makes sure that her looks are always easy to recreate at home and very wearable. Shannon goes above and beyond with her product reviews, especially her very popular lipstick swatch videos. She also posts a lot of general beauty videos, from face masks to hair removal. Look out for her vlog channel as well for more insights into her daily lilfe.

Lauren Curtis

A former professional makeup artist, Lauren Curtis offers tutorials on great natural looks as well as some more glamourous and dramatic tutorials. One of the friendliest YouTube beauty personalities, she’s always upbeat and excited to share her new looks with her ever-growing audience. She isn’t afraid to laugh at herself or make a mistake, which keeps her videos all the more relateable and encourages her viewers to have a go at something that might seem a bit too difficult at first glance. Lauren also offers honest reviews and first impressions of products, more general beauty advice on hair and skincncare routines, and the occasional vlog. This is a YouTube channel that deserves every subscriber it has, and then some! 

Jeffree Starr

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Jeffree Starr is one of the most iconic names and faces in the makeup industry today. His outrageous style and personality are obvious from the get go. Even though Jeffree’s actual tutorials can be pretty dramatic and occasionally extreme, there’s real talent to the techniques and there’s always something to learn even if the looks themselves aren’t for you. He also reviews new products and is ahanging out with some of your other favourite YouTube personalities.


If bold colours and razor sharp cut creases are your thing, then NikkieTutorials is the channel for you. Scandinavian makeup artist Nikkie de Jager started her YouTube channel when she was only 14 and you can see her style and talent evolve over the years. The only thing brighter than her highlighter is her personality, with her sense of humour adding even more enjoyment to her already great tutorials. She’s always at the forefront of the latest tag or challenge and never takes herself too seriously. As well as her unique tutorials she also has a monthly Hits and Oh God No’s list, showing off her favourite (and not so favourite) products.

Don’t forget to look out for her recent collab palette with Too Faced!