Tougejakey X

Tougejakey is run by Jake who’s an all things car fiend in Melbourne Australia. You’ll find him and all his mates working on all kinds of Japanese, Euro and 4×4 cars. He’s currently running a FC rx7 and a 180sx. Great guy and great channel.

Mighty Car Mods

The next channel in the list is the one and only Mighty Car Mods, Marty and Moog have been delivering huge entertainment value for going on 7 years now. There videos have developed over the years from performing simple mods in there parents driveways to full blown builds on some legendary cars, more recently featuring the likes of super gramps, ms daisy and moogs supercharged classic jdm mini which are all worth watching. Marty and moog can also be seen taking some maad trips overseas in special feature episodes to places like New Zealand, Dubai and Japan where they often buy a car, give it a MCM treatment and then show us all the maad time they have with it.

Donut Media

One of the absolute best and best new channels in the automotive segment by far. It’s hilarious, informative, beautifully edited and shot, and features absolutely awesome cars. One of my favorite series they make so far is “Up to Speed”, they take a cult hero of a car like the RX7, Supra, Delorean, Mustang ect and give you the history of how it came to be in an insanely entertaining format, it’s one of the few channels that can get a pretty big laugh out of me on a regular basis. This channel is a must Subscribe for gear heads.


Carthrottle is kind of like the car community hub on youtube, there content is great for a laugh and presenters Alex and Ethan are extraordinarily entertaining to watch. The content is really regular and varies in style and quality, it features the x number of things about this thing to do with cars, reviews of peoples crazy builds and the stories behind them, reviews of some absolute classics and much much more. Carthrottle also has a great online community on there website and awesome social media accounts.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Here’s a man who need no introduction to the car world. Jay is on a mission to the the car world the wonders of some of the rarest and most bizarre cars around. Jay’s love of cars is what makes this worth watching, well that and the awesome cars you get to learn about.


Petrolicious, these guys are one of my personal favorites for relaxing and watching awesome cars that have awesome stories. The filmmakers don’t actually make an appearance but it’s done instead like a feature film where it’s all about the car and its owner. Whether it’s a story about a family that hid bugattis during the war from the germans, the son of a ferrari racing legend and his late dads 250 gto racecar or even just a humble bmw 2002 there is no shortage of awesome films with spectacular cinematography to kick back and watch.

Harry’s Garage

Harry is probably only familiar to those who have watched evo before. He has a few great videos there but has more recently started his own channel dedicated to showing off some really unique and cool cars he’s obtained. The best part about the show is infact Harry himself, his knowledge of cars is immense and the stories he knows about them are fascinating, he also mostly reviews cars the he himself owns which means you get the real in depth tour and some great shots of him taking the cars to the limit.  Some of his best work is; the time he drove a Lamborghini Countach from Sant’agata to the UK. a ferrari testarossa from the UK to the sahara and even a veyron vitesse on the Mille Miglia. The channel only puts out about a video a month at the moment because Harry is naturally a man in demand.

Doug Demuro

If you haven’t heard about Doug Demuro’s R32 GTR Skyline then you have indeed been under a rock. Doug is a man who has a need to inform you, the people about the cars you want to buy. This has briefly been misunderstood by the car community as just mere bragging by dear mr doug demuro, however I am pleased to inform you that it is not and that Doug actually asks you, the people what car you think he should buy and then goes and buys that car. For example he’s just bought the car you guys suggested, the polls showed that you all wanted him to buy a dodge viper and so he went out and bought… you guessed it an Aston Martin v8. Which is why many love doug’s videos, they’re one of our favorite new car channels on the internet. Oh he’s also a writer on jalopnik which well worth a look from time to time.


ThatDudeinBlue or David Patterson is a youtube personality all round massive car guy. The guy is out living the life we all want to and takes us along with him in a largely vlog kind of way. Some of his features are driving bonkers tuned cars like 1000hp supras and mental EVOS, He’s also doing some awesome builds such as full on resto mod 240sx build and modding his mustang along the way.

Roads Untravelled

Arguably one of the best of the youtube channels that produces car content and also one of the most under subscribed. The videos are of stunning film quality, the cars are beyond amazing and Marcus is the most humble of hosts who gives you a real insight into the car world and car he’s driving. This is a guy who was born to drive and review cars, this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest car channels in the near future.

Hosted by Marcus Vandenberg, Roads Untraveled brings you inside car culture like you’ve never seen it before with fast-paced video features, reviews, written articles, as well as our weekly podcast. Whether you’re into the latest JDM and tuner trends, big displacement muscle, or just want to know what it feels like to take a ride in a supercar, we’ve got you covered. We love car culture just as much as you do, which is why we want to share the experience.

Monky London

Who doesn’t love a cheeky pom with a good amount of banter. Monky london is a man who’s heavily invested into the JDM car scene in the UK. He’s had a few great cars on that are more than worth checking out, my personal favorite is the one above but I might be a bit biased.

B is for Build

B is for Build is a VLOG style channel that’s all about fixing up cars and getting out and about in them. The host Chris is a super nice and down to earth which makes for great watching.  They have a number of projects going on at any given time, at the moment its all about the 2jz BRZ, lotus evora and Mustang.

Drift Hunter Albo

An awe inspiring mix of looking into Japanese car culture that draws you in like nothing else. This channel is pure 90’s Japanese racing culture gold, it’s also a look into the state of the culture today in a epic documentary style.


A bunch of awesome car content from a man who’s interested in all avenues of the car world. You’ll see builds, inside sick car meets, a touch of racing in Mexcio ;) and some general car life content. Enjoy


Ever wanted to see what the Japanese car scene is actually like. Alexi an Aussie lives there, knows all the best places, people and gives you a direct insight as to what its really like (spoiler it’s awesome). Just check out the video above of an 86 drifting through the hills, it’s epic.

Finnegans Garage

Roadkills own Finnegan has started his own personal youtube channel where you get to see him work on some of his own awesome projects, need I say more than a twin turbo v8 jet boat? He posts videos around once a fortnight, sometimes more.


Tommy Farrell, his R32 GTR, 4 door e36 M3 (now given away to a subscriber), fd RX7 and a whole bunch of his mates building awesome cars and vlogging for your entertainment is what you’ll find on this channel. Most recently you’ll find the GTR participating in the track challenge with mr spagghetti (Rob Ferretti of SuperSpeedersRob), Rob Dahm, David Paterson (thatdudeinblue), Matt Farah (The Smoking Tire) and as of the time i’m writing this he’s currently in a build off with Jimmy Oakes, he’s building a s13 silva and Jimmy a 300ZX. Great things happening here and i’m sure even better ones are to come.

Adam LZ

Adam LZ is a BMX guy who’s fallen in love with the drifting world. This channel is a full on VLOG channel so if you’re not into that beware, but its well worth having a look. He basically vlogs his way through the lives of people building and drifting cars. Heaps of entertaining content.

Jimmy Oakes

Jimmy Oakes is no stranger to building cars of the JDM and Euro varieties. He’s got an insanely baller LS swapped 300zx and is currently building a sr20 swapped JDM 300zx in the Tommfyeah v Jimmy Oakes build off. What kind of content can you expect on the regular? general vlogging, modifying and dealing with the life of driving modified cars with all his mates.


Supercars, the police, the costs of the cars he owns/rents and a fair chunk of good advice mixed in with some screwing around. Rob’s a good guy who doesn’t like to spin the truth and that’s evident in his videos, cars can be expensive and high powered ones are no exception from that. He also produces some great cheap car challenges with other YouTubers once a year. One to follow.


Classic car insurance giant Hagerty runs a YouTube channel that produces some great shows. The best has to be Barn Find Hunters with Tom Cotters, what’s it about? Tom going around the USA showing you that some of the absolute rarest and best cars are still hidden away in fields, barns and forests potentially just around the corner from you. They also produce some great restoration videos my favorite being the Ford Jailbird one. Great channel

Motor Trend

Where to begin, these guys are one of the powerhouses of the Automotive YouTube Channels. With 3.6 million+ subscribers and nearly a billion views on their 25,000 videos there’s no shortage of bored stopping tire shredding content.  These guys cover several different segments of the auto sphere.

First off they’re the geniuses behind ROADKILL and you don’t even have to be into cars to watch Freiburger and Finnegan work their magic. Roadkill is about two guys going on journeys with a wide variety of cars that either should or shouldn’t but are on the roads and it’s nothing short of brilliant. From the general mayhem to the crusher Camaro and even the Draguar you’ll be left very entertained by every video they produce. oh and be sure to check out this video of them swapping the LS engine out of the muscle truck and into an old Bonneville jet boat.

The Second show they produce in a similar manner to RoadKill is Dirt every day. One man, one vision and one name, Fred Williams. Fred is an enigma, to understand Fred you must dive into his world of awesome old and new school off roader’s oh and giant motor home go karts… but you’ll have to go to his playlist to understand that one. Dirt everyday, much like roadkill is well worth watching on entertainment value alone, but being into trucks and cars makes it just that bit more awesome. Definitely worth your time.

The third show they produce is one called head 2 head. Hosted by a few different people and all of them good in various ways, head2head is a show that takes cars, normally 2 and pits them against each other in a number of measured outcomes, such as g forces, acceleration and braking. But it goes into much more depth about how the cars feel to drive and really shows off the capabilities of the cars, especially when randy pobst get behind the wheel for some timed laps. This show is really entertaining and informative about the high end cars for sale today and well worth watching even if you’re not buying.

The final thing worth noting for Motor Trend are the events that they run every year, this includes SEMA week which shows everyone what’s going on at SEMA as well as a bunch of competitions between the hosts after each episode, Best driver’s car which takes the best new cars of the year and pits them against each other in one epic show down, The diesel power challenge; a week of the biggest baddest street trucks putting out huge power going tow to tow, Hot rod drag week which is the same thing but for hot rods, ultimate adventure week which is some awesome 4wd rigs going on a trip to some of the best 4wd spot in america and finally Top Truck Challenge which rounds up the most hard core massive off road rigs you’ve seen and pits them against each other in some epic challenges. It’s no surprise they made it onto our list of the best Automotive YouTube Channels.


Freddy’s been in the automotive scene for a long time now. Some of you may remember his columns on Jalopnik before that went down with the gawkertanic (its ok Tavarish and Doug Demuro were the best things on there and they’re both safe and sound on YouTube now). So what’s his channel about? Project cars and good discussions about the automotive world. You’ll see him fixing upgrading and doing all sorts to the following cars at the moment: Toyota MR2, Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Dougs old Aston), Mercedes S class and SL55 AMG, Lexus SC, Ford f350, Willys Jeep, Porsche 944 and you pretty much get the idea, a shed load of cars gives you a shed load of different and good content. Looking forward to this channel growing over the years to come.


Saabkyle is a man who knows more about your car than you do, if you’re thinking of buying a car or just generally interested in the most in depth reviews of cars Kyle will walk you through the whole 9 yards. The man’s passion is limitless and getting to really see all the coolest features of every and any car is great because it’s so often glossed over by powerslides and the numbers.


These guys do a mixture of informative reviews, quick run downs of new cars and more recently some feature pieces on car culture cars. The production value is high and the videos are somewhat few and far between but the passion is there so it gets a recommendation from us. The content is a mature nature and is friendly for all audiences.


YouTube drag racing at its finest, If 1000HP+ Street cars, drag racing isn’t your thing then I can’t help you with this one. Monster Supra’s, mustangs and just about everything else built for going really obscenely fast. 1320 video brings you content from the strip and the streets, they have ongoing rivalries which are great to keep up with and they always bring the best content back from the 1/2 top speed runs. YouTube Channels here:


Mighty Car Mods second channel. I recommend the double unicorn series about the mechanical stigs nissan stagea they modify. They also post podcasts and other little tit bits from the show.

Hoovies Garage

Tyler is probably the goof and gaff guy of the YouTube Car world. He’s very up beat and takes on some interesting challenges specifically really cheap cars that weren’t always cheap. You’ll find him teaching us about his NSX, 996 911 and Mercedes S600, he shows us what it’s like to own, maintain and rebuild those kinds of cars. He might occasionally cop a bit of a beating in the comments section for deliberately taking the hard route but he always manages to pull it off with some serious style. Enjoy.

Edd China’s Garage Revival

The best part of the UK hit Wheeler Dealers has left and started his own YouTube channel and what a god send it is. Full on production quality with a character we all know and love. Gotta subscribe to this gear head god.

Humble Mechanic

A man with more than a decades experience as a certified VW Mechanic runs one of the best maintenance and modding YouTube channels. One of the great things about this channel is you wont find much guessing at all, the guy knows his cars extremely well and especially the Volkswagen side of things. You’ll not only find DIY guides but lengthy discussions about how and why things go wrong and you’ll also find what mods you need to do to add power before doing so. Great channel and very easy to watch for hours on end.


If you know Car YouTubers well I can tell you this channel is a mix between ChrisFix in that he’s great for detailed maintenance information and MightyCar Mods because he covers the modding side of thing in great depth too. It’s not so much a show as Mighty Car Mods but it’s a great channel in its own right. He’s done some awesome work on a MK4 GTI, Mini Cooper, Honda Accord Coupe and now a Nissan S14. Looking forward to seeing this channel grow and do bigger and bigger things.

Tom’s Turbo Garage

When you’ve put an ls3 in a Miata it’s safe to say you know a thing or two about working on cars. Tom has done a number projects over the years, a Grand Naional, A Mk2 Miata and now he’s on to a Nissan Figaro. This channel is full of good information.


Salomandrin is a well off car lover who has some pretty epic super and hyper cars. Its a mix of Vlogging and some pretty cool comparison videos. check out the Hyper 5 series..

Xcar Films/Carfection

Xcar Films/Carfection is another british youtube channel which releases a mixture of review videos feature films on cool cars & general top X number of things about this car videos, there content is always of a high standard and they feature some awesome rides.


Sammit is an Australian guy living the dream in Japan. If you are interested in JDM Cars, Drifting & Culture then it’s definitely a channel for you. Most of his videos are vlog style but occasionally he does a few cinematic ones to show case cars here & there. Great channel for anyone interested in JDM cars and if you’re into the likes of Noriyaro then chances are you’ll like this channel.

A couple of great informative videos he’s made are his “How To Import A Car From Japan” ones. Being an importer himself he knows what you guys should be on the look out for when buying so you don’t fall into the traps.


Hilarious Irish car guys building up and fixing all sorts of awesome cars. Watch for the cars, subscribe for the funny bastards making the videos. Absolutely love this channel

Motoring Middle East

I think one comment I saw on one of his videos summed it up perfectly: “Your honestly while reviewing these cars makes others reviews seem scripted. Well Done! :)”. I’d like to add a few things to that comment though: one of the absolute best things is the raw passion you can see on Shahzad’s face while reviewing a car, on top of that he also manages to provide fantastic descriptions of what he and the car are going though as he thrashes through the hills. Great channel, looking forward to the future videos.

Krispy Media

This channel is visual car pornography, I don’t even know how YouTube allows this to stay up. The cars featured are insane and the footage is equally as insane.

SR Entertainment

The man knows a thing or two about filming and editing and another thing or two about cars. Watch his series about putting the 2jz into the IS300 and the go binge watch the rest of his videos because they’re that entertaining. The style of video is Vlogging but he does it in the least offensive way possible.

Speed Academy

I hope you like building race cars for the ‘everyman’ because this channel is all things that. Technical details, awesome challenges they set themselves for their cars (set a track record and be drive-able on the road) Super nice guys and great content, you can really sit back on the couch and enjoy this channel.

Redline Reviews

This channel is all about buying new cars and reviewing them in great detail, every now and again you’ll get a bit of a classic thrown in like the s2000 and mk1 mx5. He visits the big car shows and bring back all the details, so it’s a great channel for keeping up with the ‘new’ and getting an in depth look a  car you might be considering.

Engineering Explained

Ever wanted to know how your car really works? It’s fine knowing the names of all the parts but its only when you understand what they really do that you can effectively improve your car. Both YouTube channel and Facebook page are well worth keeping up with. Jason has an immense amount of knowledge to share if you’re prepared to learn and will answer some pretty awesome questions that maybe you hadn’t though of before.

Bad Obsession Motorsport

Two middle aged British men in peak form. The humor is British and so is the main project car, a classic mini. What’s it about? its all things restoring and modifying your car, heaps of tips and information and plenty of messing around.


Super cars , hyper cars and a host that will leave you splitting your sides. I mean just watch the video above until the 50 second mark and you’ll see what i’m on about “You can heara the italiano sound, Guiseppe what do you say (revs the crap out of the ferrari he’s in)” the man is pure class and style. If you like the high end car world this is a great one.


Detailing your car is important and no one is better at it that Larry. From the in’s and outs of materials and tools to the techniques you wish you knew before you put all those swirls in your paint, you’ll wish you knew about him earlier. Not only do you get some epic information you also get to see some almost mythical cars in immense detail. Great channel.


Reviews, short and long term and with no shortage of detail. While they might not all be of extreme cars they are all extremely well produced. One of the rare things about this channel is that they produce meaningful videos, one’s that actually help you make decisions on the cars you drive.

Goodwood Road & Racing

If you’re looking for classic cars you’ve found the right place. They post highlights from some of the most spectacular classic racing and none of it is some old cars slowly potting around the track, its absolute full tilt racing in priceless cars (check out this dog fight between an Austin Healey and a Lenham Sprite). They do post a few clips of the modern stuff too, like this Aston Martin Vulcan ripping down the track. Enjoy!


One of the Grand tour Trio’s many arms, DriveTribe is all about sharing car culture of all forms. Most videos are hosted by Jethro Bovingdon whom some might know from EVO’s YouTube channel, a great host and one with some motorsport pedigree so you know he can whip a car around.

Ronny Dahl

This channel is all things 4×4 based in Australia, You get so see some amazing trucks and in great detail. They go on big adventures and produce really high quality videos, this is one you can chuck on and sit back on the couch for.

Chris Harris on Cars

(This channel has ceased to produce new content as Chris Harris now works for BBC’s Top Gear) Chris harris had done multiple stints across the car journalism world , from EVO to /Drive, his own channel and now (regrettably to some) even BBC’s top gear. Harris’s style is well loved for his ability to take any car and turn is tires into tiny pieces of rubber and large amounts of smoke. Aside from his fantastic ability to chuck a skid and drive well he can multitask and by multitask I mean he can describe what the car really feels like in such a way that you feel like you’re going through it with him. In terms of cars he reviews his bread and butter is the cutting edge of today’s sports and supercars, but my personal favorite work of his is when he’s driving the supercars of yesteryear like they were made to be.


Evo is kind of like the British version of Motor Trend but with a touch of Chris Harris and Harry’s Garage Whom both actually make appearances. The run a series of similar events and shows too, such as EVO deadly rivals which is a comparison of two similar cars, EVO diaries which is typically a review of one particularly interesting car, EVO review which is kind of similar to EVO Diaries and of course Car of the Year which is a massive shakedown of the best drivers cars going around.

Fastlane Daily

CEASED. FastLane Daily was your one stop shop for a fast dose of what’s going on in the car world however since purchased by another company the show has ceased being produced and at great cost to the car community. I recommend following Dereck D’s person channel as a result of this.

The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire, who can go past Matt Farah and an awesome ride to fill some time in the evening? Matt Farah all round good guy and no bullshit reviewer features tonnes of awesome cars on his channel brought to him largely by viewers. The content is always worth watching because it’s never just another review of a stock mustang or another stock lamborghini but instead it’s often someone’s actual ride and one they’ve spent time and money on, which gives us an insight into what mods do what for different cars. Every now and again we get to see a video of his personal project, a fox body mustang too. Matts videos are largely ‘one take’ style which means largely unrefined and unedited but this has its own charms and if you really want to see him in a highly edited and glossy video you can jump onto the /Drive network which we’ll get to shortly.


Shmee150 is arguably the king of spotting exotic cars. He follows around all of the coolest events and delivers the footage straight to your screen. Shmee uploads a huge amount of content from all kinds of places that we wish we could go, he also hangs out with some of the coolest people to chat about the cars. oh and he’s got some pretty cool cars of his own that you get to check out too!


Regularcars  is a unique experience is an experience you need to have. The man manages to capture the pure distilled stereotype of each and every car like no one else. He takes us on a ride along in all those everyday cars that most of us reside in and delivers some fantastic songs and humour. Summed up this channel is car owner comedy.

/Drive & /Drive+

/Drive & /Drive+ (UPDATE: RECENTLY ACQUIRED BY Time Inc’ WHO JUST AXED THE FAST LANE DAILY, UNSURE OF FUTURE OF THIS CHANNEL) Until /Drive became paid i’d argue the guys at drive made the best free videos about cars on the internet and to be fair free was too cheap for the quality of video they make. They have had all of our favorite youtube characters like Matt farah,  Chris Harris and the big Mike Musto. In a similar vein to that of Motor Trend they have a number of various shows such as: Tuned with Matt Farah which is about some of the coolest tuned cars on the internet, /Big Muscle with Mike Musto which is all about that big muscle car scene, AfterDrive with Mike Spinelli which is hosted with guests who discuss all about those questions you have about the cars we love and a range of other special series. Overall /Drive is a great channel and there old content is worth trawling through fro hours of great watching.


Carbuyer this channel is less car culture and more consumer reviews, its for the mums and dads and people looking for the best cars in the class for the dollar value. Still interesting though.

Car & Driver Magazine

Car & Driver Magazine Like Motor Trend these guys are on of the largest car magazines in the world. These guys do a mixture of informative reviews, quick run downs of new cars and more recently some feature pieces on car culture cars. The production value is high and the videos are somewhat few and far between but the passion is there so it gets a recommendation from us.


One of the biggest and best blogs on automotive content has recently started producing some great car content on youtube. There new series Jason Drives which is about some extremely weird cars is absolutely hilarious and Doug Demuro is a regular pop up too. The channel is at risk due to it being part of gawker media which has recently been sold off due to a lawsuit .


MotomanTV is a guy who just loves in depth videos of reviews, maybe one for the more mature crowd. Interesting and good reviews from a  very level perspective.


Chances are that if you’re into cars, you probably want to do some of the work yourself. ChrisFix is almost an institution when it comes to maintaining and working on cars, he’s taught millions of people how to fix just about everything.  His videos are super easy to follow and unbelievably clear. Great guy, great videos. Enjoy!