Mighty Car Mods

The next channel in the list is the one and only Mighty Car Mods, Marty and Moog have been delivering huge entertainment value for going on 7 years now. There videos have developed over the years from performing simple mods in there parents driveways to full blown builds on some legendary cars, more recently featuring the likes of super gramps, ms daisy and moogs supercharged classic jdm mini which are all worth watching. Marty and moog can also be seen taking some maad trips overseas in special feature episodes to places like New Zealand, Dubai and Japan where they often buy a car, give it a MCM treatment and then show us all the maad time they have with it.

Finnegans Garage

Roadkills own Finnegan has started his own personal youtube channel where you get to see him work on some of his own awesome projects, need I say more than a twin turbo v8 jet boat? He posts videos around once a fortnight, sometimes more.

Motor Trend

Where to begin, these guys are one of the powerhouses of the Automotive YouTube Channels. With 3.6 million+ subscribers and nearly a billion views on their 25,000 videos there’s no shortage of bored stopping tire shredding content.  These guys cover several different segments of the auto sphere.

First off they’re the geniuses behind ROADKILL and you don’t even have to be into cars to watch Freiburger and Finnegan work their magic. Roadkill is about two guys going on journeys with a wide variety of cars that either should or shouldn’t but are on the roads and it’s nothing short of brilliant. From the general mayhem to the crusher Camaro and even the Draguar you’ll be left very entertained by every video they produce. oh and be sure to check out this video of them swapping the LS engine out of the muscle truck and into an old Bonneville jet boat.

The Second show they produce in a similar manner to RoadKill is Dirt every day. One man, one vision and one name, Fred Williams. Fred is an enigma, to understand Fred you must dive into his world of awesome old and new school off roader’s oh and giant motor home go karts… but you’ll have to go to his playlist to understand that one. Dirt everyday, much like roadkill is well worth watching on entertainment value alone, but being into trucks and cars makes it just that bit more awesome. Definitely worth your time.

The third show they produce is one called head 2 head. Hosted by a few different people and all of them good in various ways, head2head is a show that takes cars, normally 2 and pits them against each other in a number of measured outcomes, such as g forces, acceleration and braking. But it goes into much more depth about how the cars feel to drive and really shows off the capabilities of the cars, especially when randy pobst get behind the wheel for some timed laps. This show is really entertaining and informative about the high end cars for sale today and well worth watching even if you’re not buying.

The final thing worth noting for Motor Trend are the events that they run every year, this includes SEMA week which shows everyone what’s going on at SEMA as well as a bunch of competitions between the hosts after each episode, Best driver’s car which takes the best new cars of the year and pits them against each other in one epic show down, The diesel power challenge; a week of the biggest baddest street trucks putting out huge power going tow to tow, Hot rod drag week which is the same thing but for hot rods, ultimate adventure week which is some awesome 4wd rigs going on a trip to some of the best 4wd spot in america and finally Top Truck Challenge which rounds up the most hard core massive off road rigs you’ve seen and pits them against each other in some epic challenges. It’s no surprise they made it onto our list of the best Automotive YouTube Channels.


Freddy’s been in the automotive scene for a long time now. Some of you may remember his columns on Jalopnik before that went down with the gawkertanic (its ok Tavarish and Doug Demuro were the best things on there and they’re both safe and sound on YouTube now). So what’s his channel about? Project cars and good discussions about the automotive world. You’ll see him fixing upgrading and doing all sorts to the following cars at the moment: Toyota MR2, Aston Martin V8 Vantage (Dougs old Aston), Mercedes S class and SL55 AMG, Lexus SC, Ford f350, Willys Jeep, Porsche 944 and you pretty much get the idea, a shed load of cars gives you a shed load of different and good content. Looking forward to this channel growing over the years to come.

Edd China’s Garage Revival

The best part of the UK hit Wheeler Dealers has left and started his own YouTube channel and what a god send it is. Full on production quality with a character we all know and love. Gotta subscribe to this gear head god.

Humble Mechanic

A man with more than a decades experience as a certified VW Mechanic runs one of the best maintenance and modding YouTube channels. One of the great things about this channel is you wont find much guessing at all, the guy knows his cars extremely well and especially the Volkswagen side of things. You’ll not only find DIY guides but lengthy discussions about how and why things go wrong and you’ll also find what mods you need to do to add power before doing so. Great channel and very easy to watch for hours on end.


If you know Car YouTubers well I can tell you this channel is a mix between ChrisFix in that he’s great for detailed maintenance information and MightyCar Mods because he covers the modding side of thing in great depth too. It’s not so much a show as Mighty Car Mods but it’s a great channel in its own right. He’s done some awesome work on a MK4 GTI, Mini Cooper, Honda Accord Coupe and now a Nissan S14. Looking forward to seeing this channel grow and do bigger and bigger things.

Tom’s Turbo Garage

When you’ve put an ls3 in a Miata it’s safe to say you know a thing or two about working on cars. Tom has done a number projects over the years, a Grand Naional, A Mk2 Miata and now he’s on to a Nissan Figaro. This channel is full of good information.

Speed Academy

I hope you like building race cars for the ‘everyman’ because this channel is all things that. Technical details, awesome challenges they set themselves for their cars (set a track record and be drive-able on the road) Super nice guys and great content, you can really sit back on the couch and enjoy this channel.

Engineering Explained

Ever wanted to know how your car really works? It’s fine knowing the names of all the parts but its only when you understand what they really do that you can effectively improve your car. Both YouTube channel and Facebook page are well worth keeping up with. Jason has an immense amount of knowledge to share if you’re prepared to learn and will answer some pretty awesome questions that maybe you hadn’t though of before.


Detailing your car is important and no one is better at it that Larry. From the in’s and outs of materials and tools to the techniques you wish you knew before you put all those swirls in your paint, you’ll wish you knew about him earlier. Not only do you get some epic information you also get to see some almost mythical cars in immense detail. Great channel.


Chances are that if you’re into cars, you probably want to do some of the work yourself. ChrisFix is almost an institution when it comes to maintaining and working on cars, he’s taught millions of people how to fix just about everything.  His videos are super easy to follow and unbelievably clear. Great guy, great videos. Enjoy!