Strictly Dumpling

This man is a legendary food tourer and reviewer on the YouTube scene. His name is Mike Chen and he hits up pretty much all the best spots around the world, you’ll find him at some of the biggest and best food markets, street food locations, buffets, restaurants and even a 7 eleven one time. He produces a good amount of content and wont clog up your subscription feed with daily vlogs if you’re not into that.

Sgt. Suds

Sgt Suds is a relatively small new all things Beer YouTube channel. Your host Rory takes you through not only the seasonal beers but you’ll also find visits to breweries. One of the great things about this channel is how Rory navigates and guides you through the flavor profiles of the beers, if you know what you like or you’re looking to find some new beers you might like this is a great channel for you.

Check out his visit to the Pederenales Brewing Company as he sits down with CEO Lee Hereford to go through the beers they’re making right now.

Haste’s Kitchen

From the description: “Haste’s Kitchen has everything you need to start cooking nutritious recipes for healthy living.” Some of these recipes are mouth-wateringly delicious. I’d recommend the one above for a start and if you’re extra keen do some buttermilk fried chicken to throw in as well.

The Craft Beer Channel

Love this channel and an absolutely fantastic one for all the beer lovers out there. From the description “Welcome to the Craft Beer Channel. Join Jonny and the Brad every Wednesday as we travel the world to discover the best craft beers, brew collaborations with breweries, cook or match food with beer, teach you to homebrew and generally geek out about craft beer.”

Food Busker

A man who had a restaurant, lost a restaurant and then found his niche in the food and cooking world. He’s a cheeky British lad who made his name cooking in the streets. Great food, great channel

Jamie Oliver

Here’s a man who needs no introduction to the world. The channel is pretty much what you’d expect, loads of easy recipes that taste outrageously good. Lots of guests as well. Enjoy

Mark Wiens

Food tourism at its finest and a dope sound track to match. Mark is a man with a huge smile and nothing lights it up more than a delicious meal. This channel is great for those looking to go overseas and eat the real deal.

Alex French Guy Cooking

Alex is a connoisseur of the delicious and the somewhat time consuming food making processes. From making wine to Dry aging beef you’ll get to see some seriously delicious stuff being created and made on this channel. He’s a hilarious guy as well and knows how to put stuff together in style.

The Report Of The Week

One man has become more than a food reviewer, more than anyone could ever hope to become, this man has become a living meme in the fast food reviewing industry. No matter what burger, Pizza or Chalupa the chains come up with, this man right here will break it down and tell you whether or not it’s any good. He puts himself in your position, in the seat of your car ordering the goods and then eating it in his car so you can see the real effects and consequences of your decisions. Great channel.


A bunch of British guys who pride themselves on being great cooks. They cook literally everything and all of it with some kind of edge of just the regular recipe. Great channel for those looking for awesome recipes and a bit of entertainment along the way.

Here’s the description from the channel: “Started as a bit of fun by a group of old friends around a pub table, SORTEDfood has grown into the largest cooking conversation on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe because we WILL make you hungry! If you’re up for a bit of fun, check out FridgeCam every Mon, Tues, Weds and Sun at 10am – a mixture of great recipes, utter stupidity and general laughter around food… With recipes all crafted by your input. If you’re just getting started in the kitchen or fancy brushing up on your skills, then our NowCookIt series is the perfect way to up your food game – every Friday at 10am we launch a simple, back to basics recipe video.”

Hellthy Junk Food

It’s all in the name here. This channel hosted by Julia and JP, it’s all about them recreating fast food and having a hell of a time doing it. Plenty of innuendo’s and messing about here. Enjoy.

India Food Network

From the description: “India Food Network-India’s First HD Food Network is your step by step guide to simple and delicious home cooking. From regional Indian cuisine to popular dishes from around the globe, our focus is on making cooking easy. With loads of quick tips and easy tricks, these recipes are shot and produced in natural home environments so you too can cook the perfect dish right at home.” You’ll find they also produce awesome mini series like the one above.

Good Mythical MORE

Rhett and Link’s show Good Mythical MORE is all about messing around with food. It’s less of  cooking channel that it is a comedy channel involving food, but if you like cooking you’ll probably like cooking comedy. So enjoy!


What’s better than just a cooking channel? A cooking channel that travels. Tastemade is “a global community of food and travel lovers. From quick recipes to original series, they’re uploading new videos every single day to share there favorite food and travel stories from around the world. They’re also known to get a little quirky sometimes, so keep an eye out for surprises”

Chef Steps

Watch as Grant and his team go about utilizing there test kitchen to invent recipes, entertain and solve common problems for cooks. They’re a bunch of super friendly people and know what they’re doing, the filming is also of insanely high quality so there not much not to love. Great channel

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a full on foodie network channel. The most popular series they run is “Kids Try” which is all about… you guessed it kids trying all kinds of different food, you’ll also find food reviews and recipes.

You Suck at Cooking

This is a comedic cooking channel that you can probably actually learn a thing or two from. You’ll find hilarious skits involving a robot and eggs, a potentially brain damaging amount of rhymes and puns and some fancy editing. Enjoy

Binging with Babish

This is a ripping channel. It all starts with one question: What does the food of the film world actually taste like?. He breaks down some of the myths, some of the legends and some of the absolute greats. You’ll see him make legends like the Krabby Patty (above) some of Bob’s best burgers, waffles out of the Simpsons and even the pizza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cannot Stress enough how great this channel is.

First We Feast

First We feast is a show all about food, reviews, how-to’s, celebs and a whole lotta fun. You’ll see names like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ethan and Hila, Matty Matherson and pretty much every other down to earth celeb you actually want to hear from, and the kicker is they all have a really good time and it shows. Great channel.


Arts, crafts and test reviews of some pretty cool gadgets. DaveHax is a very friendly channel, perhaps even something you could put on for small children. It has loads of great ideas for things to do when you have a bit of free time.

How To BBQ Right Malcom Reed

This channel is a technical wonderland from a man with a few shiny medals next to his name so you know you’re getting good information. Rubs, Injections, sauces and so much more.

From his description : “Welcome to HowToBBQRight — a channel dedicated to all things barbecue, slow-smoked and grilled. I’m Malcom Reed and after years of competing with my team, Killer Hogs, I decided to share my love of barbecue with competition bbq secrets, barbecue recipes and sometimes even behind-the-scenes at bbq contests. BBQ is my passion and almost every week I share a new recipe of grilled or smoked meats — everything from competition-style baby back ribs and slow-smoked brisket – to jerk chicken or lamb roast. I’m always working to improve my barbecue skills and smoking recipes and I love sharing it with you. “

BBQ Pit Boys

You will not be left wanting for entertainment or for anything with this channel. These boys grew up on the BBQ and they show us just about every way to cook every kind of meat going around and enjoy a beer while doing it. This is as american BBQ as it gets, Enjoy!

T-Roy Cooks

All about that Meat life Troy is a absolute guru in the BBQ world, from preparation to cooking and smoking it he’s got you covered. One of our favorites videos of his apart from the one above is the comparison of three briskets: one wrapped in foil, one in butchers paper and unwrapped.  Enjoy

Almazan Kitchen

The bizarre, the delicious and the beautiful. These are by far some of the most different cooking videos on YouTube but probably the most intriguing. Almost no words are spoken and you’re confronted by absolutely beautiful scenery. The food has that earthy home grown look and feel to it. Great Channel to have on in the background while relaxing. Enjoy

Ballistic BBQ

All kinds of burgers, low n slows and just general BBQing. From the Description: “If you’re looking for some great Outdoor Cooking Recipes, then you found the right channel! Ballistic BBQ is all about traditional “Low N Slow” barbecue and grilling. But you will also find recipes that are traditionally cooked indoors prepared on the grill with a Ballistic BBQ twist! You’ll find that these recipes and techniques are explained in detail and made easy enough for even the most novice outdoor chef”


Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine

All round great guy and BBQ Guru Rus Jones takes you through the process of cooking some of his favorite meals on the BBQ and off it. From his about me: “I spend my extra time grilling, smoking, and cooking up some delicious recipes, and I show you exactly how to make the same recipes through my videos that I share with the world though this YouTube channel called “Smoky Ribs”! Here you will find southern barbecue, Gulf Coast seafood, Cajun cuisine, and more great recipes! Please come along with me, as I take you on a culinary tour of deep south cooking and cuisine that is bound to please the most finicky taste. Please be sure to subscribe to my channel, if you would like to see what all I have coming your way! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day :)”

I personally constantly steal this mans recipes, I even have a little book that I write them out in. Enjoy!

BBQ with Franklin

This channel is no longer producing lengthy videos for YouTube as they have moved onto TV but don’t be discouraged, it’s a great resource. BBQ with Franklin is all about the low and slow life, he’s a very charismatic guy with a huge amount of experience. Worth rummaging through the old stuff.


This channels is all in the name. All things BBQ, Tip tricks and maaaad recipes. The cinematography is good, the host is better and the information is useful. Chef Tom’s a bit of a BBQ guru and not just the Low n Slow Kind, he’ll teach you what BBQ life is all about. Enjoy


Forewarning this is a company selling products, that being said it’s a very, very entertaining one. The video above gives you a pretty good indication of what they’re about.

Jas. Townsend and Son

Fried Chicken from…. England? Cooking was strange back in the day and this channel brings some of that to light. Some of the recipes look quite good and some of them…. well they wont be making an appearance at your next cocktail party that’s for sure. Jon the host has an immense wealth of knowledge about the 18th century and readily imparts that in his videos, come for the food stay for the history!

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna creates content based on a central theme……… FOOD! She makes how to’s – challenges and has regular discussions with her friends. She’s very entertaining, and very positive. Videos range in length from 5ish minutes to 20 minutes so it covers the board of what you might be in the mood for. Enjoy!

Epic Meal Time

Food.. mostly bacon, taken to the extreme. People cautious of waste do not watch. This channel is all about taking a concept and making it crazy, you kind of have to watch to believe. Enjoy?


Brought to you by Vice media Munchies is all about cooking good food, drinking nice beverages and exploring ways to cook cannabis into any meal. The real gem on this channel is a man that goes by the name of Matty Matherson, the man is beyond funny and can cook the shit out of anything. There are lesser chefs that will give you by the gram instructions but they aren’t Matty Matherson, the man is an original. No one has come before him that is anything like him. Binge watch his videos and subscribe if the rest tickles your fancy too.

Food Wishes

Food Wishes is all about how to cook almost anything, this channel is a Wikipedia of cooking. Simple instructions, some light humor and no host to be seen in the videos. The star is the food and the food alone, great for those times when you just cant think of what to cook or want to learn how to cook new things.


Owned by the one and only Playboy magazine Indulgence is all about food porn. They bring us specialty items from different restaurants and show us how they’re cooked then tell us how they taste (if they’re eating it, its probably amazing) The host is great at getting the chefs to talk about the food and doesn’t come across as over bearing which makes for great viewing.


Part of the social media megalith Vox, Eater is all about food in the states and luckily on the YouTube channel it’s only about food and not politics. They cover basically everything foody from extreme to supreme in short 2-5min videos. They’re entertaining high production quality and they’ll make you beyond hungry.

Gordon Ramsay

The great silverback from the world of cooking is on YouTube posting snippets of videos from his shows as well as other quick cooking guides. Always delicious, always entertaining and always down to earth. Some of the best videos include his hunting videos where they go from bush to pan and Fast food series where he shows us how to cook easy delicious food fast.

America’s Test Kitchen

From the channel: “America’s Test Kitchen is a real 2,500 square foot test kitchen located just outside of Boston that is home to more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers. Our mission is simple: to develop the absolute best recipes for all of your favorite foods. To do this, we test each recipe 30, 40, sometimes as many as 70 times, until we arrive at the combination of ingredients, technique, temperature, cooking time, and equipment that yields the best, most-foolproof recipe.” This channel is great for tips for the home cookers and professional chef. They also test products with scientific rigor that give us the confidence to buy the right items. Great channel for those looking to get some scientific cooking behind them.