Epic channel for those who love cooking over fire! Here’s his description “We’ve only been cooking on gas and electricity for around 70 years….before that, everything was bbq. All cooking use to require a live fire. There’s a special thing that happens when you cook with wood and charcoal that provides another ingredient and taste sensation to your food. Thermal Destructive Distillation. You don’t get those sweet wood note flavors cooking on gas and electricity. “

How To BBQ Right Malcom Reed

This channel is a technical wonderland from a man with a few shiny medals next to his name so you know you’re getting good information. Rubs, Injections, sauces and so much more.

From his description : “Welcome to HowToBBQRight — a channel dedicated to all things barbecue, slow-smoked and grilled. I’m Malcom Reed and after years of competing with my team, Killer Hogs, I decided to share my love of barbecue with competition bbq secrets, barbecue recipes and sometimes even behind-the-scenes at bbq contests. BBQ is my passion and almost every week I share a new recipe of grilled or smoked meats — everything from competition-style baby back ribs and slow-smoked brisket – to jerk chicken or lamb roast. I’m always working to improve my barbecue skills and smoking recipes and I love sharing it with you. “

BBQ Pit Boys

You will not be left wanting for entertainment or for anything with this channel. These boys grew up on the BBQ and they show us just about every way to cook every kind of meat going around and enjoy a beer while doing it. This is as american BBQ as it gets, Enjoy!

T-Roy Cooks

All about that Meat life Troy is a absolute guru in the BBQ world, from preparation to cooking and smoking it he’s got you covered. One of our favorites videos of his apart from the one above is the comparison of three briskets: one wrapped in foil, one in butchers paper and unwrapped. ¬†Enjoy

Almazan Kitchen

The bizarre, the delicious and the beautiful. These are by far some of the most different cooking videos on YouTube but probably the most intriguing. Almost no words are spoken and you’re confronted by absolutely beautiful scenery. The food has that earthy home grown look and feel to it. Great Channel to have on in the background while relaxing. Enjoy

Ballistic BBQ

All kinds of burgers, low n slows and just general BBQing. From the Description: “If you’re looking for some great Outdoor Cooking Recipes, then you found the right channel! Ballistic BBQ is all about traditional “Low N Slow” barbecue and grilling. But you will also find recipes that are traditionally cooked indoors prepared on the grill with a Ballistic BBQ twist! You’ll find that these recipes and techniques are explained in detail and made easy enough for even the most novice outdoor chef”


Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine

All round great guy and BBQ Guru Rus Jones takes you through the process of cooking some of his favorite meals on the BBQ and off it. From his about me: “I spend my extra time grilling, smoking, and cooking up some delicious recipes, and I show you exactly how to make the same recipes through my videos that I share with the world though this YouTube channel called “Smoky Ribs”! Here you will find southern barbecue, Gulf Coast seafood, Cajun cuisine, and more great recipes! Please come along with me, as I take you on a culinary tour of deep south cooking and cuisine that is bound to please the most finicky taste. Please be sure to subscribe to my channel, if you would like to see what all I have coming your way! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day :)”

I personally constantly steal this mans recipes, I even have a little book that I write them out in. Enjoy!

BBQ with Franklin

This channel is no longer producing lengthy videos for YouTube as they have moved onto TV but don’t be discouraged, it’s a great resource. BBQ with Franklin is all about the low and slow life, he’s a very charismatic guy with a huge amount of experience. Worth rummaging through the old stuff.


This channels is all in the name. All things BBQ, Tip tricks and maaaad recipes. The cinematography is good, the host is better and the information is useful. Chef Tom’s a bit of a BBQ guru and not just the Low n Slow Kind, he’ll teach you what BBQ life is all about. Enjoy