Sgt. Suds

Sgt Suds is a relatively small new all things Beer YouTube channel. Your host Rory takes you through not only the seasonal beers but you’ll also find visits to breweries. One of the great things about this channel is how Rory navigates and guides you through the flavor profiles of the beers, if you know what you like or you’re looking to find some new beers you might like this is a great channel for you.

Check out his visit to the Pederenales Brewing Company as he sits down with CEO Lee Hereford to go through the beers they’re making right now.

Massive Beer Reviews

“Mathew Dapkins is a self proclaimed know it all windbag who likes “good” beer & won’t shut up about it … he’s been in the beer game for almost twenty years so he kinda sorta thinks he knows what he’s talking about so you should send me beer so I can say if it does or doesn’t suck! The show Massive Beer Reviews is a YouTube beer review, brewery, and culture show based out of Northeastern PA. With almost 20 years in the craft beer game we aim to cover all styles, but pull no punches when it comes to our opinions on the beers we cover.”

Nathan Ryerson

When you work in the industry you know what you’re talking about. Nathans channel is very down to earth and focuses on what the beers are made of and what flavors they emit. He’s a no BS type of guy so you can trust his reviews.

Gregs Beer Reviews

He’s reviewed a hell of a lot of beer in his time and it shows. The format might be a bit unrefined but it’s a great channel to check in on if you’re looking for something unusual every now and again.

The Master of Hoppets

“Welcome to The Master of Hoppets! I am a Danish guy, who enjoys good beer, food and heavy metal. On my YouTube channel I review beers to guide you on which beers to try, and which stay away from. I also do interviews with people in the industry, cooking videos, On The Road vlogs at breweries, festivals etc. I hope you’ll enjoy my content. Cheers!”

Real Ale Craft Beer

“Real Ale Craft Beer Is A Channel For Real Ale & Craft Beer Lovers Around The World. From Stouts To IPA’s To Everything Else Craft Beer. For Your Daily Craft Beer Reviews Tune In Now.”

The Craft Beer Channel

Love this channel and an absolutely fantastic one for all the beer lovers out there. From the description “Welcome to the Craft Beer Channel. Join Jonny and the Brad every Wednesday as we travel the world to discover the best craft beers, brew collaborations with breweries, cook or match food with beer, teach you to homebrew and generally geek out about craft beer.”