Strictly Dumpling

This man is a legendary food tourer and reviewer on the YouTube scene. His name is Mike Chen and he hits up pretty much all the best spots around the world, you’ll find him at some of the biggest and best food markets, street food locations, buffets, restaurants and even a 7 eleven one time. He produces a good amount of content and wont clog up your subscription feed with daily vlogs if you’re not into that.

Emmy made in Japan

You’ll find Emmy tasting and cooking all kinds of foods from all over the world. She has a mailbox that viewers can send food to so she can share what you love with the rest of the world.

Mark Wiens

Food tourism at its finest and a dope sound track to match. Mark is a man with a huge smile and nothing lights it up more than a delicious meal. This channel is great for those looking to go overseas and eat the real deal.

The Report Of The Week

One man has become more than a food reviewer, more than anyone could ever hope to become, this man has become a living meme in the fast food reviewing industry. No matter what burger, Pizza or Chalupa the chains come up with, this man right here will break it down and tell you whether or not it’s any good. He puts himself in your position, in the seat of your car ordering the goods and then eating it in his car so you can see the real effects and consequences of your decisions. Great channel.


What’s better than just a cooking channel? A cooking channel that travels. Tastemade is “a global community of food and travel lovers. From quick recipes to original series, they’re uploading new videos every single day to share there favorite food and travel stories from around the world. They’re also known to get a little quirky sometimes, so keep an eye out for surprises”

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is a full on foodie network channel. The most popular series they run is “Kids Try” which is all about… you guessed it kids trying all kinds of different food, you’ll also find food reviews and recipes.

Binging with Babish

This is a ripping channel. It all starts with one question: What does the food of the film world actually taste like?. He breaks down some of the myths, some of the legends and some of the absolute greats. You’ll see him make legends like the Krabby Patty (above) some of Bob’s best burgers, waffles out of the Simpsons and even the pizza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cannot Stress enough how great this channel is.

First We Feast

First We feast is a show all about food, reviews, how-to’s, celebs and a whole lotta fun. You’ll see names like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ethan and Hila, Matty Matherson and pretty much every other down to earth celeb you actually want to hear from, and the kicker is they all have a really good time and it shows. Great channel.


Brought to you by Vice media Munchies is all about cooking good food, drinking nice beverages and exploring ways to cook cannabis into any meal. The real gem on this channel is a man that goes by the name of Matty Matherson, the man is beyond funny and can cook the shit out of anything. There are lesser chefs that will give you by the gram instructions but they aren’t Matty Matherson, the man is an original. No one has come before him that is anything like him. Binge watch his videos and subscribe if the rest tickles your fancy too.


Owned by the one and only Playboy magazine Indulgence is all about food porn. They bring us specialty items from different restaurants and show us how they’re cooked then tell us how they taste (if they’re eating it, its probably amazing) The host is great at getting the chefs to talk about the food and doesn’t come across as over bearing which makes for great viewing.


Part of the social media megalith Vox, Eater is all about food in the states and luckily on the YouTube channel it’s only about food and not politics. They cover basically everything foody from extreme to supreme in short 2-5min videos. They’re entertaining high production quality and they’ll make you beyond hungry.