We’ve trawled the YouTube’s and we think we might just have found the best fitness YouTube Channels out there. Every time we make a list we make sure to find someone we know that is seriously into the topic at hand. In this case the list has been written by Andrew who has been power lifting since his early school days

A little from him about how he got into fitness:

Being an avid rugby player means that to get ahead you need to be strong, and really strong at that. Power lifting is one of the best ways to make you that cut above everyone else in its relation to rugby.  Even since stopping rugby i’ve continued power lifting as it has an ability to take you out of the day to day rush and let you blow off some steam.  

If you’d like to add something to the list please email us and we’ll get right onto it.


An entertaining, very educational and awesome YouTube channel for those who lift and want to get more out of every workout. He’s not running around and screaming in your face every 5 seconds like some fitness channels do, he’s actually sitting down reading the research and putting in it a easily digestible package online for you guys to enjoy. You’ll also see him doing some lifting with some of the biggest beasts out there which is awesome for getting motivated.


One of the best weightlifters on YouTube and one of the most serious about her goals/physique. She covers all the lifts, how to do them and all the little accessories to her routines. It’s superbly detailed and all delivered in a way that’s easy to listen to.


One of the funniest weightlifting teachers out there. The man knows his stuff, isn’t afraid to shit on what’s wrong and will have you in stitches unexpectedly with his little skits. It’s not cringe humor either, it’s the good old fashioned funny kind and that means he’s not screaming and acting like an idiot. A must sub for those that like to lift heavy and be a part of the gym culture.


All out self aware weight lifting entertainment. Sure you’ll learn some things along the way but mostly you’ll be having fun watching Juji tear up some heavy objects. He also has great friends that come along with him on his channel so it never gets stale or old.


If you like to keep your training routines mixed and interesting then this channel is a good one to watch, specifically the “train like a pro series”. It brings a lot of variation and fun into the everyday workout while also focusing on doing the heavy stuff properly. She’s a very positive and charismatic person so she should give you the inspiration to work out to you fullest.


All round good girl Chelsea deals out advice on lifting well, staying mentally positive and how to focus on the important things. She shares a lot of her life with you so you can see what she’s going through and I think that’s what makes her so relatable.


Well the name pretty much sum’s it up. Two buff dudes sharing their knowledge, developing training programs for you and explaining it all along the way.  It’s a really fun channel and not just a ‘hey look at me one’, you can tell they really care about the information they give out and aren’t just doing it for attention. Great dudes, great channel.


While you will get some weightlifting information, this channel is mostly a vlog channel about a guy who lifts heavy and shoots the shit with his friends. Its messing around with mates, having fun and giving out a positive message.


Weightlifting at its purest and weightlifting that is for everyone. Whether you’re old, young or somewhere in the middle starting strength can really help you get…

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