Jimmy Diresta has been working with tools for the last 40 years and there’s not much he can’t do. This videos usually consist of him going through the steps of a project but all in high speed, he makes amazing things and has some pretty cool tool collections, some of these are:

Dagger from a File: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zriI7q30ck

In this video DiResta goes from everyday metal file to beautiful knife, basically anyone with the will could follow on with these instructions.

Fireman’s Axe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSmmkTcTWCo

Here he takes an old Kelly’s Standard axe head that’s suffering from the passing of time and gives it a new lease on life in the form of a beautiful Fireman’s Axe with custom leather sheath.

The Which Blade 1 & 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuDm32pIDx8  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRbiAitlNes

Some extra knife power for you leatherman perhaps? very cool videos.

Knife Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HTQdCglXKI

Back when he had a mere 200k subscribers we got to look into his knife collection. Some pretty weird and interesting stuff.


Lucas’s channel is a masterpiece when it comes to learning about guns, reviewing them and showing you how to put them properly through there paces. The film work is top notch as well. Awesome channel.

Military Arms Channel

It’s all in the name here. This channel focuses on Military spec firearms, you’ll find some other things mixed in but mostly AR’s and alike. Host is great, very easy to listen to and knows his stuff. Good channel


Some fantastic cinematography and great reviews and tests are what you’ll find here. He covers a range of stuff but as the name suggests things that TWANG (bows) and things that BANG (guns) are the main things. He describes his videos as being ” equal parts “redneck” and “science.”. He’s a great host and genuine guy.

Last line of defense

This channel is all about guns and gun gear with a focus on the more tactical side of things. You’ll find not only gun reviews and tests but all the associated products like bags, scopes, mags and you pretty much name it.


There’s not much better than watching a serious marksman putting a gun through its paces. Not only will you get to see awesome trick shots but you’ll get the advice of an expert with some serious entertainment to go.

Hickok45 and Son

The gun famous Hickok45’s son has a YouTube channel and he’s certainly a chip off the old block. You’ll find a few other things on this channel that aren’t gun related as well: the occasional shooting game, heavy metal music and a podcast that cover all kinds of stuff. Great channel


sootch “let’s check it out” 00. You’ll find tests, reviews with in-depth analysis, some awesome shooting videos and great comparisons of all your favorite guns and gear. One of the absolute best channels for thinking about purchases and just wanting to keep up with the latest gun gear.

Honest Outlaw Reviews

This channel is a straight up gun and gun gear review channel. He tests out the products talks about the positives and negatives and let you know if its any good.

Forgotten Weapons

Every wanted to see a walking talking encyclopedia on guns? Well that’s pretty much what you have here This channel delivers an enormous amount of information on weapons, especially those used in the military. It’s not only a great channel for those looking to learn about guns but a great channel to reference/check when wanting to know something or settle an argument with a friend.


In depth, packed full of good advice, information for days and a bunch of great hosts. If you’re really looking to keep up with gun info this is a great channel, the comparisons are great and honest, the tests are always interesting and in no way superfluous like many other channels. Enjoy

Edwin Sarkissian

All kinds of weapons put to the test. Pistols, rifles, anti tank and you pretty much name it you’ll find it shot at some seriously tough stuff. Will an anti tank gun pierce a titanium plate you ask yourself, well of course you could just watch Edwin’s channel and find out. Enjoy


If anyone know’s their historical fire arms and what they’re used for it’s this guy. With a good sense of humor this channel is epic for learning about firearms.

AWE me

This channel runs a number of series, they are all spectacular but perhaps the best is Man at Arms:

Man at arms: This is a show about making some of the most amazing weapons from movie and gaming culture, they use a range of technique from traditional to modern but it’s amazing to watch. All of the weapons are made to be used as well so this leads to some pretty spectacular scenes at the ends of episodes.

DIY Prop Shop: Gaming and movie props galore, from fallout to Warhammer they’ve done it all and continue to do so!

DIY Cos Play Shop: All about making those outfits for your next event!

Epic How to: A scenario, you put in it and all of the answer you wish you had. From how to survive being buried alive to How to become a pirate you now have the answers to things you didn’t think you needed.

Super Gamer builds: Epic builds of cool pieces from video games, A good play to start with is the Uncharted 4 Treasure Chest Build.


Big guns shot at the latest tech. Pretty entertaining, especially with the ultra slow motion. Perhaps not a channel for those looking for more in depth viewing, but very entertaining nonetheless. Enjoy!


Eric Blandford is your host and complete weapons nut at that. Eric hosts a number of series on his show: Gun gripes, Man Can, firearms facts, gun reviews and meltdowns. Gun Gripes is a show about issues that gun owners are facing and some of the misconceptions that people have about them. Man Can is a subscription box that helps support the show, it’ filled with different things each month and he goes through what they are on the show. Meltdowns are probably the episodes with the most wow factor, Eric usually picks a well known gun and puts it through the rounds until it finally breaks, they then take us through what failed and why it failed.

You can find them on Facebook here.


An arsenal that puts most gun stores to shame. This is a pretty family friendly and fun channel hosted by Greg Kirkman, Greg is a retired gentleman who has an absolute wealth of knowledge on firearms and the history of them. The guns he shoots at his range vary from new to old but are always entertaining.


Jeff brings us a mixture of shooting weird stuff out of guns and experimenting with heavy metals, while not strictly always science its always down to earth. Jeff and co all have a pretty good sense of humor whilst engaging with the audience and it makes for fun viewing.  You never quite know what you’ll be seeing in these videos so it doesn’t get old fast like some channels do. Enjoy!

Demolition Ranch

“NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL”  Damn right its not. This channel is run by a guy named Matt who stitches together awesome videos about shooting stuff with guns and interesting/weird stuff out of them too. Matts sense of humor is one of the things that makes this channel great, he also has two other channels: Off the Ranch and Vet Ranch.

Oh and watch out for creepy Cooter…..