Robert is about as American as they come and you wont find much that he doesn’t catch n cook. If you start watching his videos you’ll be learning all about how to catch, skin and cook just about everything edible under the sun. He goes about it in a positive way and makes sure people get something out of his videos be it new skills, a recipe or a new passion. Great channel, super positive guy.

Cameron Hanes

A man who needs no introduction to the world of hunting and rightly so. Cameron Hanes can be credit with many things like being a ridiculous super athlete, one of the best bow hunters on the planet and the man who got Joe Rogan into bow hunting which has brought much attention to the pastime. His upload schedule is ah sketchy at best, in fact at the time of writing this he hasn’t uploaded in a year but nonetheless you should check out his channel and look at some of the older content. Great guy, great channel.

Clarke Boys Hunting NZ

Being some good NZ Farm boys these lads know how to hunt. The upload schedule is pretty all over the place because they’re farmers, the content is good when it comes out though so its worth subscribing.

Eastman’s Hunting Journals

They put it best themselves: “The original resource for Western hunting since 1987. Our mission is grounded in the ethics of fair chase hunting. We strive to help our audiences become more skilled and ethical hunters, while expanding their knowledge, appreciation, and awareness of the outdoors and wildlife through entertainment media.” They produce a range of content but the best content is the hunting trips.

Big Game Hunting New Zealand

If you live in or are planning on visiting New Zealand but don’t want to go on guided hunts, this channel might be the best place to start. Not only do they run this resource of a channel where you can see some of the best spots in the country but they run a website where you can check out all sorts of awesome info on hunting NZ.  Ben is your host on the channel and a great one at that, he’s not over dramatic, he’s thoughtful with his words and he shares his experiences in an awesome way.

Game Gear NZ

They might be a company selling products but boy do they go about it in the best way possible. They produce cinematic quality hunts out of NZ and episodes are about 20 minutes long so they’re perfect for chucking on in the evening while you relax.

NZ Wild Things

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and one of the absolute best ways to see its natural beauty is by hunting it. Shaun takes you through some of the best spots and targets all the main species to hunt there. He trophy hunts and meat hunts but we should note that trophy hunting in New Zealand is somewhat doing a favor to the native inhabitants, not only are you taking out an invasive species but you’re allowing the blood and bone to go back into the land which fertilizes it.

Keith Warren

He’s been in the business for much longer than most and it shows. In a way this is less of a “YouTube” channel than it is a traditional TV show on YouTube, but if you’re after a high end production quality and bigger budget hunts then this is certainly one for you. One of the great things about this channel is that Keith has been working with the equipment in the industry for his whole life, he knows what works and how it works. This means that you’ll pick up great bits of information while you’re sitting back and enjoying the show.

The Experience

These guys hunt some breathtaking places and boy do they capture it well. The production quality is high, commentary is great and the message is spot on.  Check out how they put it themselves: “From the Plains of Africa…the undeniable beauty of New Zealand…the ruggedness of British Columbia to the unforgiving mountains of Alaska. Follow along as we hunt some of the planets greatest destinations testing our physical and mental limits in pursuit of the animals that call it their home” It’s no lie, they really do push the limits out there. Great channel

The Mountain Project

Not much beats coming home after a long day and sitting back to watch something like this. It’s ultra relaxing, stunningly beautiful and epic all rolled into one. The upload schedule is super slow at the moment so don’t expect to be seeing Chase and Jay every week, but from the sounds of things on their website that might be about to change.

Under Armour Hunt

If you hunt then you probably don’t need an introduction to Under Armour because you’re probably wearing it. For the last year or so they’ve been rounding out some of the biggest names in hunting and filming some truly epic hunts with them. Make sure you check them all out because the production quality is insane.


Hushin is all about hunting, fishing and living the outdoors lifestyle.  Casey LaVere, Eric Chesser, Brian McElrea are the hosts of the show but Eric Chesser seems to be the main host providing regular updates to the channel. The channels content consists of a number of hunts, fishing trips and vlogs which are all entertaining in their own way but the best content is the big trip stuff so start by binge watching that.

Josh James Kiwi Bushman

The beautiful hunting mecca that is New Zealand is shown in its true form through Joshes videos. If this video doesn’t move you I don’t know what will. The regular videos are a bit rougher though, much like the landscape they’re in. Enjoy!


Fieldsports Channel

Quintessentially British hunting channel Fieldsports covers hunts, hunting news, reviews and much more. Great channel, fantastic sense of humor and a great passion for hunting.

Ted’s HoldOver

An absolute marksman with an air rifle, Ted works in species control for when populations get a bit out of control. Really informed guy and amazing cinematography. Enjoy!

Full length episodes (40ish+minutes) of epic bow hunting in epic locations and shorter videos about the gear in the industry. Todd Graf & Justin Zarr are the hosts who are both great and knowledgeable guys. Enjoy!

solo hunter

Tim Burnett and Remi Warren don’t need much of an introduction to the hunting world thanks to people like Joe Rogan but maybe this series is new to you. It features either of the two in a remote location and shows you what it’s like to go out and hunt for your meat all alone. This series is a great representation of hunters, it shows the care and passion they have for the environment, animals and the reality of life out in the wild. It’s a great show, takes you to some amazing places and it’s something you can sit back and enjoy watching because of the length of the episodes (20ish minutes). Enjoy!