The Wooded Beardsman

Outdoors galore here, hunting, bushcraft survival challenges that involve not losing weight and an immense wealth of knowledge about the outdoors in general. This channel is absolutely stellar and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

BC Bushcraft

BC Bushcraft delivers on exactly what the channel name promises – anything and everything to do with bushcraft and the outdoors, including hiking, camping, fishing, survival and gear reviews. All against a beautiful Canadian wilderness background.


My Self Reliance

Shawn James is an outdoor fanatic that not only produces YouTube videos, but also writes for Ontario Tourism. His videos show how to use traditional survival skills in tandem with new technologies that the 21st century has to offer.

North Survival

North Survival is a young guy from Sweden who produces a variety of how-to videos related to bushcraft and survival. They are all fairly straightforward, as well as very cheap and frequently made from things you would find in the wilderness. The channel has unfortunately been quiet for some time now, but there are still plenty of videos available that are sure to be useful for an outdoorsman!


Survival Russia

This channel prides itself on its focus on “the reality of survival” as opposed to “TV survival”. The host Lars shows you realistic situations, gear, and techniques for survival. He lives far in the Russian wilderness, so you can guarantee that he knows what he’s talking about and has plenty of experience surviving harsh conditions.


The Outdoor Gear Review

Your hosts Luke and Laura deliver a great range of videos on all sorts of outdoors gear. These are mostly separated into reviews and previews, with both offering lots of detail and information. They also frequently interact with their subscribers, with viewer male and giveaways, which is always good to see. Check out their adventure videos as well!


Wilderness Outfitters

On this channel, you can find all sorts of instructional and training videos on bushcraft and self-sustainability. Wilderness Outfitters has more of an emphasis on education and knowledge than sharing trips and adventures, so it’s a great resource if you’re after something specific to improve your skills.


Scrambled O

Scrambled O is another channel with an emphasis on learning bushcraft and self-sufficiency in a natural environment. As well as the bushcraft itself, there are some useful DIY instructions on how to create items from scratch that will make your camping easier, such as cutlery and utensils.


Zed Outdoors

Zed Outdoors describes his channel as a documentation of his personal journey to become more adept at skills around the outdoors. His channel focuses on bushcraft, natural crafts and homesteading. A good opportunity to develop your own skills alongside someone who is trying to do the same.

Doug Outside 

Doug uploads videos on a range of topis – “whatever floats my boat” as he describes it. You can be sure to find lots of hiking videos, DIY and bushcraft, cooking and some other bits and pieces.


Alfie Aesthetics

A great channel full of skills and information for bushcraft and the general outdoors. His Camp Aesthetics series is artistic, funny and informative all at once. You can also find the usual gear reviews and recommendations here. Uploads these days are few and far between, but there is still an impressive backlog of videos to make your way through.


Homemade Wanderlust

Homemade Wanderlust is made up largely of content based around hiking. The host, Dixie, is currently sharing videos of her impressive hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, and has previously uploaded her journey on the Appalachian Trail. She also uploads gear reviews and more general tips and tricks for thru-hikes.


Primitive Technology

One of the most popular and impressive bushcraft/survival channels, Primitive Technology is all about creating “primitive” tools, structures and other items using the bare materials found in the wild. The channel host in conspicuously quiet, leaving his techniques and the far North Queensland bush unadulterated. The things he creates hardly seem primitive by the time he’s done! A very informative and entertaining channel.


Survival Lilly

Getting out into the middle of no where, showing you what it takes and what things you need is what Lilly is all about. She’s a no bs kind of person who gives sound advice. Great channel

Zold Outdoors

Zold outdoors is about a man living about as wild as you can. The video above is all about a 14 day canoe trip into the wilderness of Northern Ontario, only to be rebuffed by some stubborn lake ice. (The ice, plus an incident involving a porcupine and Nanook, reduced the trip to 7 days). Its unbelievably relaxing to watch and you’ll learn an absolute tonne.

Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness is a channel hosted by Coyote Peterson who’s an animal aficionado and serious outdoors man. When we say serious we mean he’s seriously in harms way, he will voluntarily get bitten and stung by the worlds deadliest and most dangerous to show you what happens next. Now you may go and look at his channel and think “look at all this clickbait” No, no, no, no its not. What the title is, is an accurate and tame description of what happens. It’s pretty much pure insanity.

You’ll find a few different series going on here all with a focus on a different things, (we’re just reiterating what the trailer above says here so if you’d rather watch it just press play) Breaking trail is all about leaving the map behind and getting out into the wilderness and just encountering whatever they come across. Next you have ‘Beyond the Tide’, a series that brings you up close with the most bizarre creatures in the oceans. Following that is ‘On Location’ which is a behind the scenes look at the Crew and Coyotes travels. Finally you have ‘Dragon Tails” which investigates snapping turtles and what they’re all about.

Joe Robinet Bushcraft

Starred in recent history channel film series, “Alone” Joe makes a great YouTube series based on Bushcraft and getting out into the wild. He does a great mix of content on his channel and is a true entertainer, his content is a mix of trips into the wild with his dog “scout”, his friends and informative videos about bushcraft/outdoor gear. One of the great things about this channel is the production value and quality of his videos, the man knows his way around a camera and it shows in the videos.

mcq bushcraft

MCQ Bushcraft is run by Michael McQuilton who hails from the United Kingdom. The first thing that will be obvious to you when watching this channel is the level of knowledge this guy has about his environment,  which he I might add readily shares in such a humble manner. The channel isn’t about hardcore survival but about bushcraft in which you take the tools you need to survive in the environment you choose to live in and learn about. He runs through a whole bunch of things about living in the wild as well as doing a number of hunting and survival trips. The scenery is beautiful and Michael is very easily to listen to. One of the best series he’s done on his channel is “bushcraft basics” which takes you from knowing nothing about bushcraft to having the knowledge about the right gear and right ways to go about doing bushcraft in your area!