Jared Polin

Descriptions pretty apt on for this channel: “Are you looking to take better photos? Are you not sure how to use your camera or simply want to pick up a few photography tips. If so you’ve come to the right channel, FroKnowsPhoto. If you’re tired of boring YouTube Photography videos that rarely show the presenter actually taking photos then you’ve come to the right place. My goal is to make “Fun and Informative” videos to help photographers of all skill levels. You will find new videos posted most days of the week. You will find the best photography video/audio podcast posted on Mondays. Other series include “Real World Reviews” “5 Min Portraits” “Unboxing and Sniff Tests” “Rapid Fire Critiques” and much much more.”

Rocketjump film school

From the Monster YouTube Channel RocketJump comes RocketJump Film School. You and about 7 million others can see the great short films they produce on the main channel and then learn how they do it on this one. A great channel with something for everyone.


A great look into the industry of film and photography. Interviews with some of the greats in the industry and usually with some kind of useful angle that helps you out. Great channel.

From the description: “AdoramaTV is the preeminent source for videos related to photography, video and audio. Of course we have new product releases and gear reviews, but what sets AdoramaTV apart is how we connect with our viewers and create engaging creative content. We have over a dozen hosts that share their experiences, knowledge and tips to over 1,000,000 viewers a month. From studio lighting, video, and compact cameras to Photoshop, audio gear and photographer interviews, AdoramaTV has something for any visual creator wanting to have more fun and a better experience with their camera. The hosts seek to engage with the viewers through their passion and knowledge, helping them feel more confident when they’re taking photos or video. AdoramaTV believes that having real professionals tell their stories and share their craft is why our audience is engaged with our videos and why they gain confidence and desire to explore their own creative directions with photography and video.”

Cinematography Database

This channel looks at the behind the scenes of film making and it also makes good recommendations for gear. Matt makes a great series on this channel called  “the Cinematography of ….” where he looks at all the gear and details on film and movie sets, it’s great to see what the pro’s are using and with his knowledge you get a great understanding of why they’re using each piece of gear.

Matt Granger

A break down of the technology in the film industry. Matt is an immensely knowledgeable guy when it comes to film and it shines through in his videos, enjoy.

DSLR Video Shooter

Film making is becoming more and more common place with the advent of YouTube and this channel is sure to help you find the right gear to carry on your filming career. They do reviews, tutorials and some pretty cool DIY projects.

THiNK Media TV

THiNK Media TV is just one of Sean Cannells YouTube channels but they all share a fairly common theme which is helping people get out there and start making videos themselves. Sean Believes strongly in the medium of film to help people be able to do what they want in life. The channel has some really great resources on it so enjoy!

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is somewhat of a well known name in the film/photography world and for good reason. He’s done work for just about everyone and everything (Lucasfilm and Discovery are among the mix) and his channel reflects this. His analysis of cameras are shot on the camera he reviews and he covers them in great detail so you can see what it’s about. He also posts short films from time to time which are usually pretty great viewing. Enjoy!

DigitalRev TV

When it comes to figuring out what camera you want for whatever situation you need it for or alternatively completely geeking out over the new camera tech it’s pretty hard to go past this channel. DigitalRev TV is about taking you the viewer, on a journey of analysis and cheesy humor. Enjoy