Linus Tech Tips

Linus is one of the internet’s most reliable and long-standing sources of tech reviews, news and entertainment.  His reviews are thorough, direct and entertaining. With the more recent addition of ‘Scrapyard Wars’, you can almost argue he’s changing how the world interacts with tech. This channel is a must for all tech heads.

Unbox Therapy

The undisputed king of unbox videos is Lewis from Unbox Therapy. He reviews some of the coolest and weirdest tech you’ve ever seen. The channel runs a number of series but by far the funniest is one called “Does it suck?” It’s all about finding stuff that is either bizarre or looks too good to be true. The only potentially funnier (depending on your taste) unboxing videos online are run by a channel called idubbbz in a series called “bad unboxing” which is all about unboxing some weird, weird stuff sent in by fans. Either way enjoy this channel.

Marques Brownlee – MKBHD

Started from his college dorm room this channel has exploded in popularity and for good reason, the quality is high and the entertainment is great too. Marques reviews a range of tech products but specializes in phones so it’s the place to head when you want a new one or just enjoy keeping up with the latest and greatest. He does comparison vids, tests of capabilities and a heap more. Marques is largely what lists like these are about, a passion for what he does and a knack for delivering it in a entertaining way, oh and once again the video production quality puts just about everything out there to shame. This is a must subscribe for the tech heads.


Jayztwocents is a tech channel all about full on PC gear. You’re guaranteed to be covered on whatever info you want, from individual components to completed builds. There are how-to’s on PC essentials like water cooling. I’d recommend this guy if you’re looking to put together a custom PC or if you’re just interested in PC gear as a hobby.

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan is a great guy who runs a number of awesome (and extra crispy) series, as well as doing some pretty sweet latest/greatest tech reviews too. The series are many and all are awesome, some are: “Best tech for under X no of $” series which is about rounding up cool tech bits and pieces that you can buy on a budget, this is great for when you need to give gifts to that person you just don’t know what wants because the gear is always awesome and suits any budget, “The dream desk” series is all about the ultimate desk set ups, while they aren’t huge in number (probably because of the extreme costs) they are about putting together the ultimate desks with tech to match and some kind of amazing aesthetic theme, you have to watch these to appreciate them, there are a few more series to keep up with but i’ll leave you to discover them on your own. Enjoy!


Dmitry is your host and a great one at that, very friendly and easy to listen too an his videography  is up there with the absolute best on YouTube. This channel focuses largely on PC and PC surrounded tech, looking in depth at the components the functionality and much more. Great channel and an under subscribed one for how good it is.

Primitive Technology

No words and no modern tools, just a man with the knowledge to create the basics of life from scratch. This channel really is something else to watch, its almost meditative.

Austin Evans

“Hey guys, This is Austin” is the intro you’ll hear at the beginning of most videos on this channel. Austin’s videos about tech are usually pretty gaming related and range from ‘how to’ vids to reviews of new and interesting gaming tech. The production quality is insanely high and beautiful to watch in its own right. The content is just as good and you’ll probably come away learning something new from every video. Great entertainment value and good tech content too.


ThioJoe makes entertaining and interesting videos about tech, You’ll find the latest rumors/news on up coming tech, pretty decent top “x” lists and solid reviews of the latest gear. His focus is on being actually useful and focusing on what’s actually important in today society, so you wont find loads of gimmicky garbage being peddled here.


The human race has built some pretty awesome and strange stuff over the years with regards to Tech, this channel is all about checking out those things. Aside from the video above to see what the channel is about, check out this one which is all about movies on Vinyl, yes that’s right movies on Vinyl, it might just be the coolest thing you see this month.

David Zhang

David focuses on all things tech and tech surrounds. You’ll find desk setups, product reviews (that cover chairs, monitor arms, lamps and tech) and just generally good advice for getting your work area set up.


If you’ve ever seen an episode of Mythbusters you’ll recognize the great Adam Savage, this show isn’t all about one thing in particular but features a Tech, DIY on props and outfits and awesome random things here and there. It’s really a bunch of great people playing with and showing off cool stuff with great production quality. One of there best series is called “One day builds” where they build a range of awesome things such as movie prop replicas. 

Snazzy Labs

Quinn dubs himself as one of the most honest reviewers on YouTube, and I’d have to agree with that. He goes through gear like very few others and does a great job of explaining his criticisms og the gear he reviews. He also produces some help videos with a bit of a “how-to” vibe, which are always relevant. One of his best recent videos is about his experience with “the Void”, a new interactive virtual reality centre where people can actually move through the environment over a big distance. Well worth checking out if you’re into this sort of thing.

Matt Granger

A break down of the technology in the film industry. Matt is an immensely knowledgeable guy when it comes to film and it shines through in his videos, enjoy.

DIY Perks

DIY with a focus on Tech, from cool volume control knobs and headphone stands to full on motorized desks this channel is great for those looking to up the desk game.

DSLR Video Shooter

Film making is becoming more and more common place with the advent of YouTube and this channel is sure to help you find the right gear to carry on your filming career. They do reviews, tutorials and some pretty cool DIY projects.


They’ve been around since 2000 and they’re been reviewing that thing that lives in your pocket non stop since then. They do news, rumors, reviews and long term reviews to show you how phones stack up in the long run.

Android Authority

Android everything. Reviews of pretty much anything related to android, games apps, devices you name it they probably review and discuss it. Enjoy

Jerry Rig Everything

Ever wanted to know how tough your phone is or how well its made? this is a channel that’s worth checking out. He puts everything through what is essentially a torture test until it finally gives up. While the main focus is phones you’ll also get to see some other cool tech related stuff such as watches cameras and other everyday things that you might have in your life.

Salazar Studio

Reviews and just general cocking about with PC components. He will occasionally review other tech gear but overall this channel is a great one for good watching and good information.

Digital Foundry

Console gear, PC gear, Gaming reviews and a mix of hosts. The gaming content takes you through the game, the hardware and all kinds of other cool stuff surrounding it. The Gear reviews are super detailed and full of information you need.

Electro BOOM

Professional mediocrity has never been more mediocre, it will however leave you in stitches with a little more knowledge about how to or not to do things. Love this channel

Z Reviews

I doubt there ever was a more charismatic man reviewing Audio Gear. Z reviews is an in depth look at audio gear; headphones, amps, dac’s, speakers, subs you name it he reviews it. He’s a hilarious guy and well and truly under subscribed to, his knowledge is immense but most importantly you will probably watch his videos because of his passion for it.

Barnacules Nerdgasm

His descriptions pretty apt for this one so we wont butcher it. “Welcome to Barnacules Nerdgasm the supreme 3D printing, Coding, Software, Hardware, Nerd Culture, Geek Culture, Virtual Reality (VR), Simulations, Robotics and much much more YouTube channel. If you like to receive your entertainment, education & reviews with a heavy dose of comedy and innuendo then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been producing YouTube video full time for over 6 years but started doing it full time as my day job about 2 years ago when Microsoft laid me off after a decorated 15 year career as a Senior Software Developer on the Microsoft Windows platform. I had a hand in shipping every major client and server operating system including Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 during my career and I know a lot of low level stuff about the Microsoft operating systems and the internal mechanics and operations of the Microsoft corporation.” Enjoy



Keep your dick in a vice! A linguistic masterpiece of a human and one with some integrity at that. I mean just take a look at his description for a taste “This channel has awesome Patrons. We have no need, nor any inclination to do corpo shill vids. If you are thinking you’d like me to review your fantastic new banana peeler, I invite you to please fuck off.” So what does he do you ask? Well he ah teaches you how to discern crap from not crap and learns you a thing or two along that way about tools. Seriously though he shows you how tools work, some crap, some good and all with a dose of comedic joy.


All about computers and “the numbers mason, what do they mean” Find out here.  But seriously this channel is all about understanding computers, hacking them and a bit of history thrown in. Great channel.


This channel covers new tech and also runs a number of pretty sweet series’, listed below.

Best Tech Deals: Whoever looks at the newest specials available for recent tech, helping you save some money.

Setup Wars: Putting toether amazing desks and computer setups – some ultimate battlestations to be found here.

PC Wars: All about looking at other people’s desk/gaming setups and voting for whose are the best.



TechnoBuffalo is an all thing news related to new tech gear channel. It’s not specific to components or anything like that but more about new tech products coming out and discussions/reviews as to whether they’re going to be any good.

NCIX Tech Tips

NCIX Tech Tips is an all out tech gear channel with a large number of hosts who each bring something to the table. They actually cover all things tech and the videos make up a constant stream of content they’re that fast. If you absolutely love gear and just want the quick run down of literally everything then you’ll love watching these guys. 


Sit down, strap in and go. Prepare to be showered with an an eclectic array of weird and wonderful tech related stuff. From upcoming kickstarter tech to already well established brands, you will be shown an awesome array gear.

There are a few ongoing series on this channel such as LÜT, (pronounced loot), BiDiPi (short for Build it Draw it Play it) and Mind blow. LÜT is about cool “loot” you can buy, BiDiPi is about cool people on the net that fall into those categories and Mind blow is about all of the cool and crazy science/weird and wonderful shit that goes on in this little universe. The pace is fast but the content is always amazing. Well worth your time.

The Verge

The Channel is known for posting about controversial political topics from time to time, it has been said that they will censor comments that disagree with the opinions stated in the video. Owned by Vox Media. The Verge is on…. the verge… of technology, culture, science and art. But mostly technology, when new tech is out you can bet that they’ll have a review up almost immediately giving you the overview and lowdown. They don’t really specialize in a specific area of tech, but rather cover anything with an electronic pulse. The reviews are professional and the reviewers vary so you don’t exactly get that intimate relationship you might with other channels.