Jon Olsson

Jon Olsen is a free skiing legend and now full time vlogger/traveler of the world. If you’re not into opulence then this channel probably isn’t for you but its a great one for those looking at what the rich and famous get up to in their down time.


On this channel you’ll find some beautiful vlogs featuring beautiful places all around the world. The cinematography is of a really high quality, and even though some of the videos are quite short they still really pack a punch!


Mr Ben Brown

Travel vlogging his way around the world and have a generally awesome time of it. Great channel to check out some cool places. The man’s pretty decent of a kayak a well.


Not much of an explanation is needed for YouTube’s biggest star but here’s one anyway. He plays video games, makes memes, reviews memes, reacts to online videos, calls out the cancers of modern society and has a really nice chair that’s only 399.

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is run by two guys called Rhett and Link. Its a talk show with a focus on humor and interesting challenges that they put themselves through, it’s hard to put them exactly into a category because they cover so much but it’s almost as if you’re watching a radio show. Great fun, great guys and friendly for all audiences.

Ethan and Hila

The ultimate YouTube power couple Ethan and Hila from H3H3 Productions have a VLOG/’podcastish’ channel where the go out and about, traumatize the world with the chub and tuck plus show you a hilarious time. The channel isn’t posting content anymore however the old content is well worth a visit.

Casey Niestat

Short vlogs and movies with awesome cinematography, Casey has been making movies for a long time and it shows in his work. Always interesting, always different and always worth your time. The guy brings a bit of life back to the world in his movies and that’s why you should watch, one of the best videos has to be his video about hurricane Sandy.