The Sorry Girls

This channel is a mixture of makeover’s and DIY, one of the cool series they’ve done is all about doing a makeover on a loft they’ve moved into. You’ll find loads of small DIY projects that help decorate and fill up the house as well.


Jimmy Diresta has been working with tools for the last 40 years and there’s not much he can’t do. This videos usually consist of him going through the steps of a project but all in high speed, he makes amazing things and has some pretty cool tool collections, some of these are:

Dagger from a File:

In this video DiResta goes from everyday metal file to beautiful knife, basically anyone with the will could follow on with these instructions.

Fireman’s Axe:

Here he takes an old Kelly’s Standard axe head that’s suffering from the passing of time and gives it a new lease on life in the form of a beautiful Fireman’s Axe with custom leather sheath.

The Which Blade 1 & 2:

Some extra knife power for you leatherman perhaps? very cool videos.

Knife Collection:

Back when he had a mere 200k subscribers we got to look into his knife collection. Some pretty weird and interesting stuff.

I Like To Make Stuff

One of YouTube’s biggest DIY channels I Like To Make Stuff is all about…. making stuff. The aptly named channel run by Bob is very very easily to follow along with, the projects can be done by pretty much anyone. He works with all kind of technologies, from the old school like wood working to the new school 3d printers. If it can be made by people you’ll probably see it at some point on this channel.

Inspire To Make

Need some inspiration for your next project but prefer to just go about making it your own way? This channel is all about some good music, a cool project and some awesome cinematography. Watch and enjoy.

Brian Oltrogge

One for people who love diy metal work, leather work, 3d printing and casting. There isn’t much this man can’t prototype and make. Awesome channel

Darbin Orvar

Linn’s channel has a industrial focus to most of the projects and she doesn’t skimp on the quality, you wont find short cuts here that’s for sure. Her projects cover all kinds of different areas from small tool boxes like this to knives, lamps and even note books. You wont be wanting for a greater diversity of projects here.

Chris Salomone

Chris spits out some beautiful projects and is about as understated as the come. He narrates his work and gives loads of details all the way through, from the products to the methods you wont be wanting for much here.

Get hands dirty

Cristiana from portugal is an absolute gun at making things, she takes on a mixture of DIY projects, some tech, some wood work and some metal. This is a great channel for seeing some real innovations and awesome solutions to every day problems.

Home Made Modern

Projects for just about anyone of any skill level to jazz up your life. They always share all the details in plan form for the builds so you can follow along.


If you’re looking for insane levels of hand craftsmanship then look no further, his shop, his methods and his style capture the essence of working materials in an old fashion ‘hand crafted style’. Beautiful shop and beautiful work.

The Samurai Carpenter

While he mainly focuses on wood he occasionally does something in stone or metal like the project above. Very cool channel, great for getting ideas.


Here’s a man who’s a true artist with wood. He’s a professional woodworker and this channel is his outlet for personal projects. The difficulty is probably a bit beyond the average DIY’er but its amazing to see what can be done.

Shop built

Looking to up the quality of your shop and build a few projects along the way? Shop Built is filled with useful projects that will help you get organised and get working.

Peter Brown

From the description: “Just a geek with a full set of power tools! I do woodworking, wood turning or whatever piques my interest at the time. My hope is is to have one part woodworking and one part crazy. I ‘ll try my best to make something interesting. This is just for fun, please don’t do what I do in the shop.”

Matthias Wandel

Matthias is a meticulous wood working’ engineer’ whom builds just about anything out of wood. His channel focuses largely on tools and tool improvements but you’ll also find some pretty neat builds for stuff around the shop and home as well.

KingPost Timber Works

Joey is fairly apt at making some very complex pieces of furniture/art from scratch. Very friendly guy and good channel to learn a thing or two from.

Matthew Cremona

From harvesting to working to building this channel goes from tree to bench with all of the steps involved. You’ll probably find more information and neat tricks on this channel that any other when it comes to working with wood. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough for those looking to get into wood working.

Crafted Workshop

Johnny Brooke is a wood working mad mad who tackles just about every kind of project that has wood in it.  From full on cabinets to chopping boards you’re going to find something you enjoy here. Oh and the detail and film quality is superb.

The Rehab Life

No words are spoken in these videos, just a relaxing tune and some clear written instructions. The channel focuses on low cost and i’d say an industrial look, many of the projects turn out beautiful.

DIY Pete

Doors, Coffee tables, garden beds and so much more. Pete is a super friendly guy and gives out very clear and easy instructions to follow along with. Great channel.

Marius Hornberger

This channel is all about shop work and some of the awesome DIY projects that go on around them, you’ll find him improving machines and making little and big projects all the time. Great channel if you’re looking for ways to improve your workshop.

Modern Builds

Beautiful projects that you can follow along with, not only are the videos great watching but the build look stunning. He makes just about anything that goes in the home so you’ll find something for you.

DIY Creators

Hard to beat this channel, sick projects to help take your house to the next level and all the the cost of the materials you use (well and tools… but everyone needs those right). Glen always lists all the materials and tools used in the videos to make it just that little bit easier to follow along. The film quality is superb and it’s worth watching even if you don’ plan on doing it.

Primitive Technology

No words and no modern tools, just a man with the knowledge to create the basics of life from scratch. This channel really is something else to watch, its almost meditative.

This old tony

Master of the CNC and lathe, Tony brings some very cool projects to life with an enlightening sense of humor, you’ll never quite be sure where the jokes will come in but they’ll get you when they do. Most of his projects focus on metal work but he’s been known to knock out the old wooden sword for his kid.


Arts, crafts and test reviews of some pretty cool gadgets. DaveHax is a very friendly channel, perhaps even something you could put on for small children. It has loads of great ideas for things to do when you have a bit of free time.

Crazy Russian Hacker

Crazy Russian hacker is kind of a DIY channel with a mixture of messing around and testing out some products. One of the fairly interesting series is the one in which they test military survival rations, while they don’t exactly eat well you’ll be surprised how good some of it is. Its hard to describe the channel but your host Taras is some what of a big friendly giant and obviously enjoys what he’s doing, makes for some very entertaining videos.

Mahir Cecen

Everyone’s made a paper plane at some point, but they’re all pretty similar at the end of the day. Check out this channel if you’re lacking paper airplane game.


If you’ve ever seen an episode of Mythbusters you’ll recognize the great Adam Savage, this show isn’t all about one thing in particular but features a Tech, DIY on props and outfits and awesome random things here and there. It’s really a bunch of great people playing with and showing off cool stuff with great production quality. One of there best series is called “One day builds” where they build a range of awesome things such as movie prop replicas. 

DIY Perks

DIY with a focus on Tech, from cool volume control knobs and headphone stands to full on motorized desks this channel is great for those looking to up the desk game.

Applied Science

From the description “interesting applications of science and technology. You’ll see how an electron microscope was built in a home shop, how an X-ray backscatter system works, how to make aerogel, and many other hi-tech projects. Topics usually include electromechanical systems, chemistry, and electronics. Hosted by Ben Krasnow” Perfect description.

Mark Rober

Former NASA employee Mark Rober is a engineering mad man, I mean just watch the video above to see how crazy he is (he builds a dart board in which you can’t miss the bulls eye). The channel has a huge amount of content though so make sure you check this one out, it has something for everyone.


Chances are that if you’re into cars, you probably want to do some of the work yourself. ChrisFix is almost an institution when it comes to maintaining and working on cars, he’s taught millions of people how to fix just about everything.  His videos are super easy to follow and unbelievably clear. Great guy, great videos. Enjoy!

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

(Just a heads up that Grant has often been criticized for how unsafe many of the experiments are, so best not to replicate too many of them without further exploration of the experiment)  While some of the tests might be ahhhh, a bit irrelevant for day to day life they’re still very, very entertaining. Grant covers all kinds of do it yourself experiments and build guides, from stuff you could hassle people with at school or office e.g not this mini RPG to amazing mega scale experiments that you can probably only see on YouTube like this.


DIY that is usually on a much simpler scale than some other channels. It’s all about taking everyday items and making them useful in a way that probably wasn’t originally intended.


Ben Cusick makes videos about how to do a variety of things in a DIY fashion. These videos are distinctly science based so you’ll learn a lot along the way. One of the great things about this channel is how down to earth Ben is as a host, ensuring that the focus of the video is the content rather than himself. Great channel, great guy.


Science and DIY with a healthy amount of just screwing around. Some would say that a lot of his stuff consists of things you shouldn’t try at home, but then again who am I to tell you what you can and can’t do. The videos are always entertaining even if the science isn’t always…conventional. Enjoy!

AWE me

This channel runs a number of series, they are all spectacular but perhaps the best is Man at Arms:

Man at arms: This is a show about making some of the most amazing weapons from movie and gaming culture, they use a range of technique from traditional to modern but it’s amazing to watch. All of the weapons are made to be used as well so this leads to some pretty spectacular scenes at the ends of episodes.

DIY Prop Shop: Gaming and movie props galore, from fallout to Warhammer they’ve done it all and continue to do so!

DIY Cos Play Shop: All about making those outfits for your next event!

Epic How to: A scenario, you put in it and all of the answer you wish you had. From how to survive being buried alive to How to become a pirate you now have the answers to things you didn’t think you needed.

Super Gamer builds: Epic builds of cool pieces from video games, A good play to start with is the Uncharted 4 Treasure Chest Build.


Keep your dick in a vice! A linguistic masterpiece of a human and one with some integrity at that. I mean just take a look at his description for a taste “This channel has awesome Patrons. We have no need, nor any inclination to do corpo shill vids. If you are thinking you’d like me to review your fantastic new banana peeler, I invite you to please fuck off.” So what does he do you ask? Well he ah teaches you how to discern crap from not crap and learns you a thing or two along that way about tools. Seriously though he shows you how tools work, some crap, some good and all with a dose of comedic joy.

Sea Lemon

Queen of the DIY arts and crafts world Sea Lemon has a plethora of awesome little and big projects for you to do at home on your own or even with your kids. Friendly easy to follow along and very entertaining.

Cottage Life DIY

Cottage life DIY is all about building those things that make living life a bit more fun, from floating hot tubs and saunas to mini golf courses on the water. Great entertainment and some really cool concepts.

Roman UrsuHack

All kinds of very basic science as tech based diy/hacks that people can do. Some useful and some just for fun. No spoken words on this channel, just work and music.

Easy DIY Miniatures

Sometimes I ask myself if there truly is something for everyone on YouTube and it’s when I find channels like this one i’m suddenly sure it’s true. This channel is all about making everything… but way way smaller, great for the DIY model makers among you.