The Sorry Girls

This channel is a mixture of makeover’s and DIY, one of the cool series they’ve done is all about doing a makeover on a loft they’ve moved into. You’ll find loads of small DIY projects that help decorate and fill up the house as well.

Mahir Cecen

Everyone’s made a paper plane at some point, but they’re all pretty similar at the end of the day. Check out this channel if you’re lacking paper airplane game.


If you’ve ever seen an episode of Mythbusters you’ll recognize the great Adam Savage, this show isn’t all about one thing in particular but features a Tech, DIY on props and outfits and awesome random things here and there. It’s really a bunch of great people playing with and showing off cool stuff with great production quality. One of there best series is called “One day builds” where they build a range of awesome things such as movie prop replicas. 

Sea Lemon

Queen of the DIY arts and crafts world Sea Lemon has a plethora of awesome little and big projects for you to do at home on your own or even with your kids. Friendly easy to follow along and very entertaining.

Easy DIY Miniatures

Sometimes I ask myself if there truly is something for everyone on YouTube and it’s when I find channels like this one i’m suddenly sure it’s true. This channel is all about making everything… but way way smaller, great for the DIY model makers among you.