The Sorry Girls

This channel is a mixture of makeover’s and DIY, one of the cool series they’ve done is all about doing a makeover on a loft they’ve moved into. You’ll find loads of small DIY projects that help decorate and fill up the house as well.

Cody’s Lab

Cody’sLab is predominately a Science based channels but he does two great things in the garden, one is bee keeping and the other is highly efficient hydroponic gardening systems that are somewhat automated. If you like seeing science experiments and some gardening thrown in then check out his channel because it’s one of the most interesting on YouTube.

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

Gary pretty much covers everything, you’ll hear him talk about, outdoor/indoor seed starting, lighting, greenhouse use, spring cool weather crops, warm season crops, planting, tending, pruning and yeah you guessed it pretty much everything else you can imagine. This is a great channel if you’re looking for detailed information that gets to the point with minimal fluff.

Dirt Patch Heaven

An all round home produce and processing channel with loads of awesome ideas and tips. One of the coolest is her episode on using hotbeds to grow your more delicate veggies in the cold winters. Awesome host and channel.

Unemployed Redneck Hillybilly creations

If the name puts you off it shouldn’t! This channel is run by about as genuine a person as you can possibly imagine. Not only can you learn but you can keep up and follow along as he works the land, builds and creates the dream. You’ll pick up loads of great ideas and he’ll show you how to implement them in a simple way. This channel really is a all around personal farm lifestyle channel.

The Gardening Channel with James Prigioni

The virtues of gardening, life and how to garden all thrown away in one channel. This channel is kind of like an advice/help channel through he medium of gardening. Great if you’re looking to understand the world and get into a new hobby.

Suburban homestead

Take a ride into the world of homesteading with a focus on sustainability without the need for copious amounts of fertilizer. You’ll be taught the history, the science, how to implement it all in your gardens and how to cook it all as well. Great channel, great host


A man, a cat and an awesome garden.  Follow along as he grows his veggies for the year and shares his little tips and improvements along the way.  He’s very knowledgeable and just when its getting a bti serious you’ll find a scene of his cat having a very good time thrown in.

Grow Your Greens – Learn Organic Gardening

Looking to garden on a commercial scale or up your productivity in an immense way then look no further than John’s channel. He teaches you all the thing’s you’ll need to know when aiming to make money while gardening. He’s a super energetic and enthusiastic guy so he’ll probably get you motivated to start working pretty quick.

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

You couldn’t ask for a better host on this channel. She knows her stuff and shows you how to practically implement it. She does awesome Q & A’s so you can figure out those little problems you’be been having. The focus of this channel is growing veggies and veggies you shall get if you watch it.

MIgardener – Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living

Tips, Tricks, how to guides and all in an entertaining and friendly manner. These guys stress sustainability and practical ease of implementation that everyone can do. The information they give out is great and it’s free.

Grow Veg

These guys can be a bit of a one stop shop when it comes to digging up useful information and understanding what needs to be done to maintain a healthy garden. Your host is a man named Ben Vanheems and he’s exceptionally well spoken and gets straight into the information. The channel could afford to create slightly longer format contents but it’s great the way it is now.

Darbin Orvar

Linn’s channel has a industrial focus to most of the projects and she doesn’t skimp on the quality, you wont find short cuts here that’s for sure. Her projects cover all kinds of different areas from small tool boxes like this to knives, lamps and even note books. You wont be wanting for a greater diversity of projects here.

Get hands dirty

Cristiana from portugal is an absolute gun at making things, she takes on a mixture of DIY projects, some tech, some wood work and some metal. This is a great channel for seeing some real innovations and awesome solutions to every day problems.

Home Made Modern

Projects for just about anyone of any skill level to jazz up your life. They always share all the details in plan form for the builds so you can follow along.

The Rehab Life

No words are spoken in these videos, just a relaxing tune and some clear written instructions. The channel focuses on low cost and i’d say an industrial look, many of the projects turn out beautiful.

DIY Pete

Doors, Coffee tables, garden beds and so much more. Pete is a super friendly guy and gives out very clear and easy instructions to follow along with. Great channel.

Modern Builds

Beautiful projects that you can follow along with, not only are the videos great watching but the build look stunning. He makes just about anything that goes in the home so you’ll find something for you.

Cottage Life DIY

Cottage life DIY is all about building those things that make living life a bit more fun, from floating hot tubs and saunas to mini golf courses on the water. Great entertainment and some really cool concepts.