Host Josh Jorgensen can only be described as a mad man looking to catch the biggest and hardest fighting fish in the ocean. Josh is pretty high energy and it makes for great viewing, he usually has some pretty cool guests as well, from NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington (video above) to other big name YouTube fishers. You’ll expect to see big sharks, big Goliath Groupers, giant Amberjacks that strip line like you wont believe and much much more. Great all round viewing and good production quality.

Robert Field

Here’s a man who gave up on the day to day grind and threw all his eggs in the fishing basket. Robert Field is you host and a kayak fishing master, kayaks are one of the absolute best ways to get out fishing these days because they’re affordable for everyone and let you get into places you just can’t reach by boat. So whats the channel about? Its an almost full production quality show at this point, epic locations, every species you can imagine and a host with the most. You can’t go past this channel.

Lake Fork Guy

From the channel: “Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing videos on youtube and other social platforms. Lakeforkguy provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to show as many fishing places as possible and help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on his bass boat and kayaks with his wife Stephanie and french bulldog Winston.” We’d like to add that Justin makes a great host and has that rare ability to talk about and share his fishing experiences in a way that makes anyone want to get out and fish.



Robert is about as American as they come and you wont find much that he doesn’t catch n cook. If you start watching his videos you’ll be learning all about how to catch, skin and cook just about everything edible under the sun. He goes about it in a positive way and makes sure people get something out of his videos be it new skills, a recipe or a new passion. Great channel, super positive guy.

Andy’s Fishing

Based in Australia Andy covers all kinds of types of fishing for almost any fish, he gives out loads of amazing information in the areas hes in and about the species he’s targeting. From jungles to the open flats he takes us through the different environments in Australia. Very friendly guy and will occasionally show you how to cook too.

Lunkers TV

Robert is a Gun Nut and Awesome Fisherman. His YouTube channel consists of mostly fishing videos shot in a VLOG style format which are pretty entertaining. The guy is very down to earth and easy to listen to. He regularly hangs out with all the other Bass fisherman from the states which makes for great viewing. Enjoy!

Fisherman’s Life

This channel has a huge variety of content and a host who loves to catch a great variety of species and cook them up with a “touch” of butter and avocado. You’ll see him bait fish, lure fish and catch crabs. You’ll learn so much from Matt’s because he’s so passionate about fishing. Great channel and a great guy!

Sea-Money Fishing

Kayak Fishing, Shore fishing, regular uploads and fairly raw footage. Chris’s channel posts regular medium to long videos from around the states, mostly around the east coast area. He fishes mostly salt water and he’s out there on the regular so he pulls in some great fish. Entertaining guy and a great channel to sit back and watch a few videos in the evening.

Kyle Hennig

Some serious offshore and inshore Aussie fishing. Kyle is based off of North Queensland and in terms of reef and inshore fishing it’s paradise. Expect to see monster GT’s, Cod and Barramundi galore. Great small developing channel.

Morning Tide Fishing

A group of Aussie guys getting out there and smashing some big fish in all kinds of picture perfect locations. This show isn’t exactly kid friendly with some of the Australian language getting thrown around but that by no means defines it. Watch the video above to get a glimpse.


Hushin is all about hunting, fishing and living the outdoors lifestyle.  Casey LaVere, Eric Chesser, Brian McElrea are the hosts of the show but Eric Chesser seems to be the main host providing regular updates to the channel. The channels content consists of a number of hunts, fishing trips and vlogs which are all entertaining in their own way but the best content is the big trip stuff so start by binge watching that.

Carl and Alex Fishing

Welcome to the world of big carp fishing, Carl and Alex are two British guys that have been putting out regular videos since 2013 as well as producing some feature length ones when they do big trips. Great guys, great channel and if you don’t like carp or understand the world of carp fishing these might be the guys to change your opinion.


Andrew Flair (part of the Googan Squad) makes fishing videos all about his adventures, he teaches us how to fish with different tactics along the way. Good quality and good guy.

Daniel Mann

This is probably my favorite spearfishing YouTube channel as it combines everything great about YouTube; Seriously great and passionate people, an ability to tell a good story about what they’re up to, just the right amount of action and great cinematography.  It’s not just another spearing fishing montage with music on top, this channel epitomizes everything great about spearfishing to me. Epic stuff.

Underwater Ally Productions

This is a phenomenal channel, they combine travelling beautiful locations, exploring the landscape, good conversation, friends and breathtaking spearfishing and diving. They see some of the most amazing sites that almost all people don’t when they travel a location. It’s also exceptionally well produced with cinematography that belongs in a nature documentary.

Adventureman Dan

A man named Dan on a wild spearfishing adventure around the world. He started off in North America and he’s been killing it in New Zealand as of late. He goes after some serious game fish and he’s all about sharing the benefit of his hard work. Dan shares a good message and is a killer spearfisherman so check him out.


One of the worlds best teachers when it comes to bass fishing, he also has another channel called Flukemaster Reviews where he goes over gear. You’ll probably need a notebook for this channel but it’ll be hard to pause the video because he’s such an entertaining and genuine guy.

Fishing with Rod

Just check out some of the epic locations and fish this man is catching. Absolutely no shortage of mind blowing scenery and fishing content. You have two hosts, Rod and Kitty both great.

Catfish and Carp

Its all in the name with this one, if you’re keen on catfish and carp fishing and all the tips and skills associated with catching them then this is a great channel for you.


Mike from 1Rod1ReelFishing specializes in bass fishing in the states but don’t be surprised if you occasionally see him out fishing for big amber-jacks and Goliath groupers with Blacktiph. Mikes a crazy positive guy and insanely passionate about fishing, he’s out there all day filming for our entertainment. The videos are regular the content is awesome it’s a great channel.

Florida Sport Fishing

This is a full on TV show that’s uploaded to YouTube. The content is great but it is produced in that big tv show style which includes all the ad’s.

Captain Quinn

It was legitimately hard to choose a video that reflects this channel. Not only are they ‘epicly’ good at cocking about on camera they’re insanely good fishermen. The videos they produce are all so entertaining and of the most immense quality. Probably my personal favorite channel on this list.

FishAholic Fishing

Kayak fishing, Shore fishing and a tonne of species; Trout, Bass, Stripers, Bluefish, Albies, Bontio and all kinds of others. Great channel with good fishing content that isn’t to over produced.

AnglerUp with Brant

A fairly under-subscribed channel with loads of content. Heaps of info and some interesting angles on the regular fishing experience such as the video above. You always know the fishing action is going to be great when they’re based in Florida.


InDepthOutdoorsTV is a full blown TV show on YouTube, Episodes are 30 minutes long and are based mostly in Canada. Great show with plenty of content.

Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing

You’ll struggle to find a more entertaining channel let alone entertaining fishing channel than this. Mike is a master entertainer, if he wasn’t a fisherman he could probably be a comedian. Speaking of his fishing, Mikes a professional fisherman with a number of Bass tournaments to his name of his long career, no shortage of good info and entertainment here.. Enjoy!

Lindner’s Angling Edge

With a huge variety of fishing types and hosts, this channel brings us into the different worlds of different fishermen. It’s not a VLOG style channel that a large amount of YouTubers channels are but rather a ‘TV’ show on YouTube with cut scenes, voice overs and a decent budget. Videos/episodes are around 30 minutes each with some occasional short ones. Great channel to kick back and watch.


Hailing from the UK TAFishing is hosted by Graeme and Mike, they’ve both got a good sense of British humor and a great knowledge of fishing around Europe. They specialize in carp and trout but fish for most species available around there. Enjoy

Informative Fisherman

Largemouth, Catfish, Stripers, Trout, Halibut you name it he’s probably got something on it. Nicks a great host who makes great length videos that you can watch on your couch all day long, you might find yourself reaching for a notepad on occasion to try and remember the sheer amount of information he’s dishing out. Enjoy

Uncut Angling

With complete Canadian class Aaron takes us around to some epic locations and documents his adventures. Not only is his channel great for kicking back and watching on the couch, it’s packed full of good information.

Tactical Bassin

Hosted by Tim and Matt this channel makes for great regular viewing with a video being posted once every couple of days. They’re one of the best places to get good information on fishing for Bass year round, they cover all the tips, tricks, gear and the locations you need to be hitting. The icing on the cake is that they’ve got 7 World Records to including the spotted Bass world record so you can trust the information.

Cast EMag

Cast EMag is all things fishing and adventure, videos are based Australia and in some absolutely epic locations. The guys are very ‘blokey’ and exceptionally entertaining so you wont be bored by this channel. Enjoy!

Catch Magazine

Tv production quality with epic locations and even better fishing.

From the description: “Family-friendly videos of global fly fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, steelhead, chinook salmon, large mouth bass, smallmouth bass, bonefish, tarpon and many more species from awesome locations around the world. You’ll hear great music and learn techniques from fantastic anglers… you’ll find it all here. I have run a YouTube channel for 9 years, creating content for my online fly fishing magazine called Catch Magazine. ( known as the “official online journal of fly fishing photography and film.”

Googan Squad

A co-joined channel that recently started with Jon.B, LunkersTV, FLAIR and apbassing. Basically this channel is sponsored by Mystery Tackle box and it works by them all living in the same house, you can expect fishing antics, podcasts and just a generally good time. Lots to look forward to with this new Channel.


Videos can be fewer than once a month but don’t let that deter you, they just wont clog up your subscription feed. Ranging from 20 to 50 minutes they’re pure beautiful fishing bliss. The videos all hail from Mike who’s a guide in Nelson, New Zealand (trout fishing paradise) the waters are crystal blue which means you get fantastic footage of the fish fighting through the currents. Great channel, enjoy!

Field & Stream (Hook Shots)

Field & Stream is a long standing hunting and fishing magazine but today we’re talking specifically about Hook Shots, the fishing show they produce.  Hosted by all round hilarious guy Joe Cermele a entertainment machine as well as an afishionado of fishing linguistics, you’ll learn terminology you never imagined applicable to fishing.  The show is a must watch for entertainment value as well as general fishing knowledge from ‘Capt (Eric) Kerber’ . Ever wondered how to stop those fish from shaking the middle trebble? Capt Kerber knows so go find out.