Robert is about as American as they come and you wont find much that he doesn’t catch n cook. If you start watching his videos you’ll be learning all about how to catch, skin and cook just about everything edible under the sun. He goes about it in a positive way and makes sure people get something out of his videos be it new skills, a recipe or a new passion. Great channel, super positive guy.

Daniel Mann

This is probably my favorite spearfishing YouTube channel as it combines everything great about YouTube; Seriously great and passionate people, an ability to tell a good story about what they’re up to, just the right amount of action and great cinematography.  It’s not just another spearing fishing montage with music on top, this channel epitomizes everything great about spearfishing to me. Epic stuff.

Chris Coates

Great advice, epic videos and monster fish. Not much you wont like about this channel as the man has done and seen it all. Uploads can be few and far between but make sure you check out some of his older videos.

The Young Bloods

These guys are full on and know how to stick together some amazing footage. They’re definitely living “the ocean lifestyle” and are getting out into the world and having a full on crack at every challenge along the way. The videos don’t always have a heap of dialogue to them so you can even chuck these on in the background while you do some work and get inspired for your next trip.

Underwater Ally Productions

This is a phenomenal channel, they combine travelling beautiful locations, exploring the landscape, good conversation, friends and breathtaking spearfishing and diving. They see some of the most amazing sites that almost all people don’t when they travel a location. It’s also exceptionally well produced with cinematography that belongs in a nature documentary.

Adventureman Dan

A man named Dan on a wild spearfishing adventure around the world. He started off in North America and he’s been killing it in New Zealand as of late. He goes after some serious game fish and he’s all about sharing the benefit of his hard work. Dan shares a good message and is a killer spearfisherman so check him out.