HollowPoiint’s channel is all about Call of Duty and the tips, tricks and news you’re after. His upload schedule can be pretty full on some days but usually produces around one video per day. He’s a super relaxed guy and knows how to shoot. Enjoy

The Smith Plays

An absolute king in the world of Black Ops Zombies and that’s almost exclusively what you’ll see. He’ll occasionally step out of the Zombie Realm but its not often.

Mr Dalek jd

From the description: “Welcome to the best place for Call of Duty news & gameplays, specializing in Zombies & co-op modes. Also a zombie lover at heart for many other video games! :)”


Keep up with the latest News and Reviews in the gaming world with a whole bunch of other stuff like top tens thrown in for good measure. Loads of content, and handy for when you want to know a bit more about some of the games you’re playing. The channel focuses heavily on FPS style games


Be prepared for some serious clickbait titles but some very good content centered around Call of Duty. The man has an enormous 8.8 Million Subscribers all there to see this man explore, review, play and deliver fresh news about the Call of Duty universe.


One of the Kings of shooters on YouTube M3rk is an insanely nice and funny guy. He not only plays the absolute hell out of the games but he keeps you up with the news, DLC’s and all kinds of other stuff. Great channel


Pucker those lips people because you’re going on a journey. A journey of pure love and imagination. Not only is he a phenomenal gamer but he’s also an awesome commentator and general funny guy. When he’s not impersonating a military officer online he’s just generally kicking ass, so make sure you keep an eye out for him because you never know when you’ll be needing to hand over your role as commanding officer.