Siv HD

He’s known for not bring immune from taking a break or two every now and again but his fans love him anyway. His content is very fun and funny and he gets huge views for it. He plays League of Legends with the best and it shows.


When someones getting as many views as subscribers they have you know they’re doing something right. Imaqtpie/Michael is a full on gun at League of Legends and a seriously nice guy as well. He’s a retired pro so you’ll learn stack and have a load of fun.

Realm Games

From the description: “Here on Realm we have been highlighting our gaming community since 2010 through our team at the Los Angeles studio as well as our talented content creators across the globe. Our audience loves player vs player (PVP) games across many genres with our current focus on MOBA. Realm initially started with World of Warcraft and Starcraft, transitioning into competitive Minecraft series, and presently with our slate of daily programming. Whether you are looking for a laugh through a random moment, sharing a funny fail, or celebrating an epic victory, we have the best of the best here on Realm. From the casual player to the hardcore fan, stick around for daily gaming videos and live streams.”


Probably the most entertaining League of Legend player on the internet, not only do you get to watch him kick some serious ass in his videos but he puts heaps of time into his videos with hilarious edits and memes. So much more than just another streaming channel here.

League of Legends

Keep up with one of the worlds biggest games right here. They share all the new info and news on this channel so for League of legends players it a must.

LoL Esports

League of Legends bring you the biggest matches and best commentary to match. Follow as they go through the rounds and follow the champions.

From the description: “Feed your competitive spirit right here on the Lolesports YouTube channel as we bring you the best that professional League of Legends has to offer. Here you’ll find live streams from major leagues, including the NA and EU LCS, the NA and EU Challenger Series, the LCK, and the LMS, live in HD. Stay for the action, but stick around the Lolesports channel for additional video features and interviews to help you get more familiar with your favorite League of Legends pros.”


Watch as he laughs, sings and plays his way through League of Legends. Sp4zie is a super nice guy with great friends. Great channel if you’re into LoL and looking for someone to keep you company while you work.


A retired pro from the gaming world and one that perhaps didn’t need to retire because he’s so insanely good. He plays mostly League of legends and holy hell will you learn a thing or two by watching him.