Frugal Aesthetic

Following the latest street wear trends and styles Frugal Aesthetic is all about making sure you do you as best you can. He rips into the trash, the people who ride the trash train and does it all in a hilarious way. Great channel.


Exploring watch collections of some of the worlds most successful people, exploring and revealing the histories of the worlds most famous brands and watches, reviewing the newest and oldest offerings and generally putting out the best watch based content online. Fantastic channel with real depth and an absolute must subscribe for any watch enthusiast.

Magnus Ronning

A way more relaxed approach to the streetwear/sneakerhead world. Magnus is ususally chilling in his chair and breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly about streetwear/sneaker culture.

A Sneaker Life

One of the biggest sneaker heads on the planet. Here’s his own description:

“Sneakerhead [snee-ker-head] -noun A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of jordans or Dunks.”

You’ll find no shortage of sneaker content here.

Harrison Nevel

Harrison Nevel is your host and has one of the most entertaining and fun YouTube Fashion channels. Some of the best videos on his channel are the ones in which he sits down with a bud and rates peoples outfits, its always hilarious.  You’ll also find a bunch of challenges such as copying a celebs style for a certain amount of money and buying whole Outfit challenges for low buck amounts. Great channel, Harrison knows his Fashion


Joel makes videos about look books, how to wear specific pieces of clothing, full on styles and you’ll also find the occasional vlog. The channel has a very relaxed style and he’s not loud and in your face which is great for chilling out and having a good watch.

Robin James

Robin James makes videos on men’s hair, grooming, style and men’s lifestyle videos. You’ll find awesome products, heaps of good advice and a new video usually every Thursday and Sunday.

Carlos Roberto

As he says he’s not here to tell you what to do or what looks bad but instead to guide you into being your best self. You’ll find a mixture of product reviews covering all things you’ll need, styling tips and also advice about how to stay your healthiest. Great channel and great host.

The Modest Man

Style and much more for the shorter dudes out there. Brock’s advice will help you avoid ending up with badly fitting outfits and allow you to buy it right without too much need for modification. You’ll also find regular advice about fashion as well.

Gent’s Lounge

Blake Scott and Ashley Tianah are your hosts and the back and forth between them when discussing what to wear and who makes the best versions of it are what makes this channel one of my absolute favorites. They’ve started to make some longer videos as well which is great for those wanting a bit more depth in the videos they watch.

Ashley Weston

Ashley Weston has been in the industry for a long time and she’s well known for her ability to dress the famous men among us. Her YouTube channel is all about how to dress as a regular dude making your way through the world, she works on the concept of dressing “for women” a lot which can be beneficial for some and not so for others.

Mayank Bhattacharya

A mixture of science fashion and some very slick video shooting and editing skills is what you’ll find here. Mayank is seriously knowledgeable and for those of you in India he’s definitely got all the best advice when it comes to the pricing.

Gentleman’s Gazette

Sven Raphael Schneider is your host and about the classiest one on YouTube perhaps. His style is all about the classic ‘formally’ dressed man, he certainly knows his stuff and you’ll find an endless stream of content ranging from history and how to’s to guides like the ones above. Great channel and extremely nice host.

Tanner Guzy

Tanner Guzy breaks down and looks indepth at fashion. You’ll see him break down Celebs style even covering people like trump (in a non political fashion). He’s got an immense amount of knowledge about what they’re wearing and why they’re wearing it.

Morts & More

The art of look classy boiled down to a science. Josh and Sena are focused on the luxury suit end of fashion and tailored to perfection so you can look the absolute best you can, they’re truly passionate about what they do and that’s what this website aims to showcase. Great channel.

Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness is all about how to be a better version of you. They cover just about all the aspects of being a bloke, from fashion to how to get up early you’ll find them looking out for you.


Can’t put it much better than he put it himself on this one: “alpha.m Image Consulting was launched back in 2006 by founder Aaron Marino. Aaron realized that there was a lack of resources and options for men to receive real world help and advice in regards to their image, style and grooming. Our goal is to help you look and feel the best that you can…every day of your life. Alpha M. strives to offer a positive and uplifting voice in a sea of negativity.”


Sangiev is a channel centred more around high-end, high-fashion pieces with a streetwear vibe. The style may not be for everyone (it takes some courage to wear a matching Valentino floral set), but even if you wouldn’t wear the clothes yourself or have the funds to buy them, it’s still really cool to see someone who knows how to put them together. Worth checking out!

I Style My Girlfriend:


From the description: “We have been creating beard related content since 2012. When it comes to beards we talk about beard grooming tips, bearded lifestyle content, and reviews of beard care products. In addition to talking all things beards, we also share videos on men’s grooming, hair growth, and hair tutorials. We upload new videos every Thursday, subscribe, comment, and enjoy the ride. Beard on!”

Sole Collector

From the description: “Sole Collector’s official YouTube channel features exclusive content detailing everything in the world of sneakers, featuring exclusive interviews with all of the industry’s top designers, insiders and signature athletes in the game.”

The Gentlemans Cove

Cinematography that will have your eyes wanting more. One of the great things about Jordan’s Channel is the level of down to earth this guy brings. It’s never in your face with a kind of “look at me vibe” that a lot of channels have. You can tell Jordan has a real passion for what he does and it makes this channel a league above most. Some of the other video to check out are:

How to get Whiter Teeth!:

The Turtleneck:

Fall/Winter Essentials 2015:

Jake Daniels

This channel is all about keeping up with the latest trends right now, be that hair ,clothing or shoes. One of the great series on the channel are the “Haul” episodes which are essentially a collection of a style of clothing that’s out right now, he talks about where they are being sold and why he likes them.

Jair Woo

Fashion VLOGGER and fashion guide Jair Woo has been guiding people for the last 4 years on YouTube. He produces a huge variety of videos on a number of topics from hair to back to school guides. Enjoy!


The massive online retailer makes some fantastic little videos about style, ranging from how to’s to what to wears on any occasion (some fantastic feature pieces on designers from around the world to).

Style Clinic:

This is a series of answered questions that people have sent in. Very entertaining with their hypothetical situations. The questions reveal the nature of dressing for occasion, weather and clientele.

Feature Videos:

These videos don’t have a particular name so you wont be able to search for them, but they’re a series of well made and produced insights into the worlds of some of the best designers and makers out there.

Teaching Mens Fashion

Teaching Men’s Fashion is mostly about what clothes to wear/what styles are in fashion right now but also full of tips about being a better man and managing your life. He does some pretty interesting challenges about picking up some serious style on a low buck too. Videos to check out of his are:

$100 Old Navy Style Challenge:

$100 H&M Style Challenge:

5 Minute Morning Routine | How to get ready Fast & Look Amazing:

6 Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster :


Hilarious, helpful and an absolute guru for those looking to up there hair style game.  Joe is a great all rounder for those looking for some fashion and grooming style tips without a hugely overbearing personality, his self deprecating sense of humor makes him really down to earth and great to listen to. Oh and the cinematography and music is pretty awesome too, Enjoy!

Richie Le

A man obsessed by sneakers and with a ridiculous collection to prove it. Richie covers a number of things on his channel from shows to outfits as well as a bit of fun here and there. Enjoy!