Frugal Aesthetic

Following the latest street wear trends and styles Frugal Aesthetic is all about making sure you do you as best you can. He rips into the trash, the people who ride the trash train and does it all in a hilarious way. Great channel.

Sneaker News

Sneaker News is a YouTube channel and a website that focuses on reviewing and testing in depth sneakers. The videos are very short but they’re great for those looking for quick insights into the sneaker world.

The Real RayRay20

Super nice dude with an awesome sneaker based channel. As he describes it: “A sneakerhead doing sneaker reviews, on feet, discussions and a whole bunch of other shoe related stuff. Subscribe if you like kicks!” Pretty much spot on.


From his description: “Dedicated 16 year old Hypebeast, Sneakerhead, and a Bape and Supreme Enthusiast. My content is getting better and better, drone shots, angles, my work, dope sneaker heat pickups, everything is going amazinggg…. join my on my journey.”

Seth Fowler

The ultimate break down reviews of shoes. Seth goes into an unbelievable amount of detail when breaking down a shoe, he covers design features in massive depth, the feel and fit of the shoe and the materials. He’s got that vibe of someone who loves what hey’re doing and it shows in the videos, he’s not there to sell you something but to tell you about why its good or not. You’ll also find Vlogs and other general sneakerhead content.

Hes Kicks

Reviews of all the latest an greatest sneakers, Hot to’s about looking after your shoes and bringing them back to life, tips about lacing and occasionally some news. This channel is a great one if you’re looking for someone who’s not vlogging 24/7 and throwing you clickbait. Great channel

Magnus Ronning

A way more relaxed approach to the streetwear/sneakerhead world. Magnus is ususally chilling in his chair and breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly about streetwear/sneaker culture.


Complex is a all things street culture channel with a big focus on sneakers. You’ll see all kinds of famous people roll through and you’ll get an insight into them and the sneakers they love to wear. Great channel


Vlogs, reviews, unboxing and you name it you’ll probably find it on Mike’s channel. He does have a focus on the reviews and he’s usually on them pretty early, you’ll find mostly Nike/Jordan’s on this channel.

QrewTV, Qiasomar & QrewKicks

Qias Omar is your host, his videos on his QrewTV channel are largely vlogs about living the sneakerhead life and what he’s up to. His other Channel Qiasomar is also a full on sneaker channel, you’ll find skits about all kinds of problems sneaker people face, They uploads can be few and far between but this just means it wont be clogging up your subscription feed. The QrewKicks channel is more like an unboxing/review channel but the uploads can also be few and far between.

A Sneaker Life

One of the biggest sneaker heads on the planet. Here’s his own description:

“Sneakerhead [snee-ker-head] -noun A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of jordans or Dunks.”

You’ll find no shortage of sneaker content here.

Sole Collector

From the description: “Sole Collector’s official YouTube channel features exclusive content detailing everything in the world of sneakers, featuring exclusive interviews with all of the industry’s top designers, insiders and signature athletes in the game.”

Richie Le

A man obsessed by sneakers and with a ridiculous collection to prove it. Richie covers a number of things on his channel from shows to outfits as well as a bit of fun here and there. Enjoy!