Armand The Watch Guy

A watch collector who enjoys sharing his immense knowledge on the subject. He has lengthy in depth discussions about all the watches featured. This channel is for the quite serious enthusiasts and collectors.

The Urban Gentry

Not just another channel reading off the spec sheets with some images posted up that’s for sure. You’ll find beautiful high definition close up shots of the watches he reviews with real well founded opinions which gives you lots to engage with. We also love the scoring system he’s implemented which gives the reviews some real criteria and depth. Great channel


Exploring watch collections of some of the worlds most successful people, exploring and revealing the histories of the worlds most famous brands and watches, reviewing the newest and oldest offerings and generally putting out the best watch based content online. Fantastic channel with real depth and an absolute must subscribe for any watch enthusiast.

The Time Teller

Some great reviews, discussion and funny watch based content. His mic might not be up to scratch yet but if you can get past that the contents great, super friendly guy with a great knowledge and great advice.

555 gear

From the description:”My gear channel highlights: craftsmanship, heritage, design, & purpose. Wristwatches, boots, pens, firearms, knives, flashlights, EDC (everyday carry), outdoor gear and apparel, leather goods, tools, men’s accessories, & more. In-depth comparisons, how-tos, and rigorous commentary. Broader interests: the outdoors, conservation, sportsmanship, hunting, fishing, 2A issues, self-sufficiency, prepping, philosophy, & tradesmanship. HD footage & top quality reviews.”

Andrews reviews are great for getting  really good look at the item in question, with his watch reviews he often compares them to other similar watches so you can see the differences and learn all about them.

Crown & Caliber

Get to know not only the watch but the people who wear them. This channel is amazing for exploring the lives of the watches and there owners, the piece above is an excellent example of this, watch it and you’ll understand.

Worn and Wound

Worn and Wound is all about reviewing watches in detail. Covering aesthetic, value and quality in a very fair frame. The quality is good and it’s extremely relaxing to watch, no screaming or ridiculous edits here.