Daneger and Stacey

A couple of Kiwi’s getting out into the world vlogging as they go and generally having an awesome time of it. You’ll see stacks of great cinematography and figure out some great places to potentially visit as you watch.

True Transient

True Transient is all about a guy who sold up everything and went on an adventure. He’s full of good advice from his adventures, in one of his most recent series about attempting to canoe from New York to Mexico he talks about why it didn’t work out in the end and what led to him accepting failure. It’s people like this who let you know why they failed and why its ok to fail, you still meet amazing people and learn things along way and what’s most important is that you give it a go. Great channel

The Budgeteers

Travelling on a budget at its finest, all the advice tips and fun you could ever want. They have a seriously great series going called “How to Travel (insert place) on $1000” so far they’ve done Asia and Central America and its been pretty epic watching what they do and find out. Hopefully there are more epic journeys to come.

Pocket Trailblazer

Pocket Trailblazer is a small but very passionate channel that puts some of the big names to shame. A series on backpacking across Australia is currently being produced, with a really exciting and realistic insight into backpacking trips, which includes lots of helpful tips and hacks. This is a channel that is well worth checking out and definitely going to explode as more and more people discover how great it is.



Jon Olsson

Jon Olsen is a free skiing legend and now full time vlogger/traveler of the world. If you’re not into opulence then this channel probably isn’t for you but its a great one for those looking at what the rich and famous get up to in their down time.

Beautiful Destinations

You’d be forgiven if you accidentally thought you were watching something filmed by the same crew that David Attenborough uses on this channel, it is truly that visually stunning.  The videos range in length and style but they have depth and meaning that most vlogger channels miss completely. If I could force everyone viewing this list to watch one video above all the others it would be the one above. Phenomenal channel and hoping for more Behind the Handle videos in the future.


You might recognise her from FunForLouis’ channel, but his girlfriend Raya has an exciting and successful channel all of her own. It documents all the beautiful places she visits and cultures she experiences, as she is lucky enough to travel more in a year than most people would hope to in a lifetime. Great content!


Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora has some great videos of her own travels, as well as a whole heap of videos with helpful tips for those just starting out. She can teach you how to survive a road trip, the best ways to pack, exciting things to do in beautiful locations, and shows all of this in action in her own travel vlogs.


Karl Watson

Highly underrated channel in the travel segment. His India trip is a bit of a must watch for anyone planning a trip to India and anyone with some free time to kick back and enjoy an great indepth journey. Karl is a very relaxed and friendly guy as well. Epic channel


On this channel you’ll find some beautiful vlogs featuring beautiful places all around the world. The cinematography is of a really high quality, and even though some of the videos are quite short they still really pack a punch!



Alex and Marko are your hosts and damn fine ones at that. Not only do they help you travel to fit your budget but they’ll also fill your head with great information about the locations you’ll be wanting to visit. The cover the food the culture and all the rest. The videos are awesome.

Mr Ben Brown

Travel vlogging his way around the world and have a generally awesome time of it. Great channel to check out some cool places. The man’s pretty decent of a kayak a well.


The absolute best activities to do all over the world. From Zorbing on a tiny island (above) to trampoline dodgeball you’ll have an awesome time watching these videos.

Gabriel Traveller

Gabriel Morris is the author of several travel books and a seasoned traveller. His videos share his travels off the beaten path, along with plenty of tips for those thinking of taking a journey. Gabriel also uploads semi-reviews of locations, letting you know whether he thinks they’re worth the hype or the visit.



Louis Cole is one of the biggest YouTube travel and adventure channels around. He posts daily vlogs of his travels to all sorts of exciting locations, often from his re-purposed travelling school bus.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond offers travel videos with beautiful cinematography and excellent editing, really allowing the locations to speak for themselves. Your host Matthew Karsten will take you around the world to a whole range of exciting locations, both popular and remote.

Kristen Sarah

Kristen Sarah has an interesting travel YouTube channel, often presenting her travels and any tips she has for her audience in a comedic way. She also often acts out sketches based on her adventures, playing the role of different characters. A cool channel!

Mark Wiens

Food tourism at its finest and a dope sound track to match. Mark is a man with a huge smile and nothing lights it up more than a delicious meal. This channel is great for those looking to go overseas and eat the real deal.

Lost LeBlanc

Christian and Laura jetset around the world checking out some of the best resorts and hotels. Great channel if you’re looking to stay in some nice places for your next trip.

The Young Bloods

These guys are full on and know how to stick together some amazing footage. They’re definitely living “the ocean lifestyle” and are getting out into the world and having a full on crack at every challenge along the way. The videos don’t always have a heap of dialogue to them so you can even chuck these on in the background while you do some work and get inspired for your next trip.

Underwater Ally Productions

This is a phenomenal channel, they combine travelling beautiful locations, exploring the landscape, good conversation, friends and breathtaking spearfishing and diving. They see some of the most amazing sites that almost all people don’t when they travel a location. It’s also exceptionally well produced with cinematography that belongs in a nature documentary.

High on Life

Epic videos, maximum life. The channel is a group of guys going around the world and showing you what it means to live. The channel has been posting very minimum content as of 2017 so stay tuned for updates, the backlog is worth exploring. Enjoy!