BBC Earth

If you don’t know who the BBC are then you’re living under a rock. They’re home to one of our worlds greatest living treasures and that is Sir David Attenborough. They’re also home to the worlds best wildlife cinematographers which means only one thing: spectacular footage, the best in the world bar none. While you don’t get to see the full videos on here, it’s a great way to keep up with what they’re up to and the short clips are great.

Rob The Ranger

Running a safari means you get to see some pretty cool stuff. Lucky for us Rob films a lot of it so we can see it as well. Short videos, showing what African wildlife gets up to on a daily basis.

Brave Wilderness

Brave Wilderness is a channel hosted by Coyote Peterson who’s an animal aficionado and serious outdoors man. When we say serious we mean he’s seriously in harms way, he will voluntarily get bitten and stung by the worlds deadliest and most dangerous to show you what happens next. Now you may go and look at his channel and think “look at all this clickbait” No, no, no, no its not. What the title is, is an accurate and tame description of what happens. It’s pretty much pure insanity.

You’ll find a few different series going on here all with a focus on a different things, (we’re just reiterating what the trailer above says here so if you’d rather watch it just press play) Breaking trail is all about leaving the map behind and getting out into the wilderness and just encountering whatever they come across. Next you have ‘Beyond the Tide’, a series that brings you up close with the most bizarre creatures in the oceans. Following that is ‘On Location’ which is a behind the scenes look at the Crew and Coyotes travels. Finally you have ‘Dragon Tails” which investigates snapping turtles and what they’re all about.

Kruger Sightings

This channel is all about life in Kruger National park. You wont see much cuddly action here but you will see plenty of nature in its rawest form.


The Brain Scoop

Hosted by Emily Graslie, The Brain Scoop is a semi-weekly educational YouTube channel devoted to exploring all aspects of the curious world of natural history museums and the culture of animal preservation. This channel is great for acquiring a vast array of educational information. They cover anything and everything you could imagine, and have access to it all thanks to their location – The Field Museum Chicago. This channel will also sometimes deviate off of the path to give you a political lecture or two but they are mostly scientifically driven. Enjoy!