The Fashion Citizen

Calling themselves “frugal fashionistas”, Steph and Melissa run The Fashion Citizen together. Their dynamic works very well, with two different styles. Lately their channel has become more vloggy, but the fashion is still there.


Samantha Maria

Samatha Maria is a YouTuber living in London with a self-described penchant for travelling. Her style often reflects this, with very wearable and relaxed – but still stylish – outfits.


Vagabond Youth

Vagabond Youth is another channel with edgier style, but what makes the channel great is that the outfits stay wearable and are put together with an incredible eye for detail.



StealTheSpotlight, run by Katie, is a channel full of really well edited and put together videos. There are lots of themed lookbooks and style inspiration videos, with lots of thrifting.


Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall has something of a lifestyle vlog, with some great fashion videos uploaded. Her style is edgy and minimalistic, very wearable for anyone who wanted to try and recreate it!


Kelsey Simone

Kelsey Simone is a young girl from the East Coast who is probably best known for her consistent aesthetic and well-established style. She’s always on top of the latest trends, recreating them with affordable pieces where possible.


Tess Christine

Tess Cristine’s channel is all about fashion, with a great variety of different types of videos. There really is something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for styling tips, specific pieces, or something else altogether. She produces try on hauls, outfit ideas, OOTW and, probably her most popular series, “Get the Look”. In these videos, she recreates outfits from celebrities with affordable, accessible pieces.


Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim may be older than your typical fashion YouTuber, but this allows her to bring a mature, classy sense of style to the table. Her videos are beautifully edited and come with great commentary and description. Chriselle’s channel is a great resource to learn how to style basic pieces into fashionable looks.


Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang is more of a vlogging channel, but still features some really cool lookbooks and has a great sense of style. Even if the video is not specifically about the clothes, her outfits are always unique and impressive. Sophia’s channel also features some beauty and style videos.



Karen Yeung was born in Hong Kong and currently lives in LA where she runs the IAMKARENO YouTube channel. She describes her style as “influenced by the toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle” of the Bay Area in California where she grew up. If you love nostalgic 90’s style then this is definitely the channel for you.



Jenn Im runs the very successful fashion and styling YouTube channel clothesencounters. She has a huge range of style tips, and her outfits are very wearable and easy to recreate. Jen also posts personal vlogs and some more unique videos, like recreating artworks in outfits. One of her most popular series’ is “What Would Jenn Wear”, where people send in events or occasions and Jenn creates an outfit.



Idressmyselff delivers some easy guides to minimalist style and very wearable lookbooks. Her style is somewhat tomboy-ish, with some really cool statement pieces.


Maya and Julia are two girls from Stockholm that run TheLineUp YouTube channel together. They produce some great unique videos about styling, essential pieces for your wardrobe, and more. Their videos stand out from many other channels, with more of a unique and artistic flair. Well worth checking out!