This channel is great not only because of the host but because they take a different angle on some of the learning aspects your kids will come across. Its not just entertainment and fun for kids its learning with a twist.

Katie Cutie Kids TV

This channel is great because it has not only the kids songs elements that we all like but also a show element to it with longer format episodes. Some of the playlists will allow you to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Great one for keeping the rugrats entertained.

Bounce Patrol Kids

Great channel for keeping your entertained and having a great time. This channel is a lot more entertainment focused than some of the other kids channels however they still have a strong learning element.

Patty Shukla Kids TV – Children’s songs

Super basic and super easy to follow along for your kids who are just getting started learning. Patty is an immensely talented and passionate woman and this can be seen by her dedication to creating top notch kids content for the last 8 years!

Debbie Doo Kids TV

A one Woman army when it comes to producing content. She’s usually every single character in the video and you can only imagine the effort required to do this, it’s a true testament to how good she is at producing content for kids.

Mother Goose Club

The Mother Goose Club is a group of people making awesome singalong and education content that will keep your kids busy for hours on end and learning a thing or two along the way.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Get your kids up and about and having fun! This channel is all about keeping them entertained and healthy, they have no shortage of playlists with all kinds of themes to them.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

All the great nursery rhymes you remember from your childhood and a whole bunch of new ones thrown in for good measure. The animations are friendly and not over the top. It’s one of the biggest and best YouTube channels for kids for a reason!

Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs

Keep your kids entertained for hours with infectious songs that will even have you humming along from time to time. This channel has really long videos which can be great for the busy parents looking to keep the kids in place. Great stuff

Barefoot Books

This channel give s a platform to many kids content creators and provides huge amounts of content for you kids to watch. One of the great things is being able to see who some of the authors are and what drives them. This allows you to make sure your kids are getting the right kind of education.