Captain Disillusion

A hilarious combination of the film world and the comedy world. I mean just read this line from the video (it’s at 1:16 if you’d rather listen) above about a terrible crowdfunded product “the Cicret Bracelet has quietly gathered over half a million dollars in crowd funding from actual members of the same species as you” I mean just thank you for existing at this point. It’s rational, hilarious and well made, couldn’t ask for much more from a YouTube channel.

Crypt TV

Some of the best short films on the internet with a twist of horror. Some will have you laughing, some will have you wondering but all will entertain you. Phenomenal channel


Cinemassacre is a mixture of gaming and movie content, in a review from. James looks at most of the subjects he tackles in a in depth way, covering the history if there is some and a general breakdown of what its all about and how enjoyable it was. Great channel, great guy and friendly for all.


This magnificent channel is a Game/Movie (although mostly game) review and news channel. You’ll find Joe and his mates having an insanely good time reviewing things and providing very fair commentary, this means you guys get a really good insight into your next purchase.

Here is an example of movie reviews:

You can find his Facebook Here:

Screen Junkies

Undoubtedly one of the biggest movie YouTube channels out there, largely due to their Honest Trailers series where Epic Voice Guy lays out what should really be advertised about the movie in trailer form. The channel has a few other series that will keep you going in the week long gap between trailers, such as Movie Fights and the Screen Junkies show. Movie Fights is a roundtable “discussion” about various controversial topics, such as which Schwarzenegger character would win battle royale, and which is the greatest lightsaber fight. These have a tendency to often be superhero related, so approach with caution if that’s not for you. There are also some pretty quality interviews with the people they mock.

Overall a great channel with a wide range of content that has more than earnt its place as one of the top movie channels out there.

Double Toasted

Just a group of guys hanging out, having a laugh and talking movies. The conversations and movie reactions/discussions are always relaxed, honest and hilarious. Worth checking out for more informal group film reviews.

They also have some more general comedy videos and some video game related content.

Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is a channel with a series of videos with the specific design and intent to act as a free film school for viewers. The videos aren’t uploaded very frequently, but each covers so much content that the gap between videos seems insignificant. This channel will be especially helpful for those trying to break into the industry or join the filmmaking community.

Kaptain Kristian

Kaptain Kristian is a relatively new channel that produces high-quality video essays on an interesting variety of topics, most aptly described by himself as his “favourite shit”. These include sound design, anime, visual effects and even some musical analysis. Every video is constructed in a meaningful and memorable way, never lacking in substance or quality.


DC/30 produces videos of good old one-on-one interviews with actors and filmmakers. The interviews are of a fairly substantial length (30 minutes) and conducted by industry professional David Poland. Poland’s talent as an interviewer allows for personal, relaxed and compelling interviews with some of the biggest names in the business. These interviews are a nice break from the 2 minute tabloid soundbites on morning shows that we have grown accustomed to. No games, no memes, just quality conversation.

Lessons from the Screenplay

Most of us probably wouldn’t think too often about the intricacies and details of a screenplay; we see the images, we hear the dialogue and sound, and we enjoy the movie. We don’t stop to think about how what we are seeing was reflected in the screenplay, and we likely don’t seek them out online to check for ourselves. Lessons from the Screenplay explores these scripts and storytelling methods to show how the story is translated from page to screen, and to what effect.

Now You See It

Now You See It does a great job of exploring film themes, techniques, tropes and ideas that might otherwise have never occurred to a casual viewer. While some titles might seem like reaches (see above), the videos themselves are always well researched and well structured, ensuring that the subject matter holds up to scrutiny and remains entertaining. The content of this channel is always thougthful and clearly put together by someone who cares a great deal about the topics at hand, as well as educating his audience in an entertaining way.

RocketJump Film School

RocketJump Film School offers both video essays and videos exploring the technical side of filmmaking. Aside from being generally educational and interesting, they also act as in-depth tutorials offering advice and tips to anyone in the filmaking community. A free, abridged film school if you will. They take you along on their production of shorts for their main channel, offering behind the scenes footage that is much more than just an interesting glance at production as it offers real life examples of the techniques and gear you might want to use in your own ventures.

They are perhaps best known for their video on CGI, but one of my favourites has to be their exploration of black and white cinema linked above.

Couch Tomato

A close friend of Cinemasins, Couch Tomato definitively proves that Hollywood is out of ideas and every movie is actually the same. Not really, but their videos do show that some movies you might not expect have far more in common than you think. Some are not so shocking (24 Reasons 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight are the same), while others might surprise you (24 Reasons The Amazing Spider Man 2 and Zootopia are the same).

For some variety, there are also reasons why movies that seem similar are not actually the same. Whether you buy the connections or not, the videos are still entertaining and worth checking out.

I Hate Everything

One of the more self-explanatory YouTube channels, I Hate Everything delivers exactly what you would expect from a channel with that name. In the standard hilarious dry and deadpan British fashion, he describes his hate for household objects, fandoms, social media apps, and dust. Yes, dust.

Another popular series of his is “The Search for the Worst”, where Alex trawls through the lowest rated films on IMDB to establish what is definitively the worst movie ever made. Hilarity ensues.

Channel Awesome

Channel Awesome is the home of the well-known Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker – “I remember it so you don’t have to”. He explores childhood favourites and popular films of previous decades to see how they hold up (if at all) and whether the nostalgia truly is clouding our opinions. More often than not these reviews turn into hack jobs, with original sketches strewn throughout.

Despite being a bit heavy on the sketches in recent months, Channel Awesome still offers a wide and thoughtful range of film analysis and review. There are still old-school Nostalgia Critic videos being uploaded, as well as the newer content. The quantity of sketches, although still funny, has definitely increased, but these can be avoided if you want as there is plenty of other content available if you’re after a more traditional review format.


Another YouTuber who delights in outlining the flaws of terrible movies, Ralph Sepe is also a capable and intelligent film reviewer. On his channel, you can find both serious analysis and review of recent films, as well as more over the top explorations of why particular movies “suck” (and boy do they!). His dry, sartorial tone lends itself perfectly to this style of review and adds to the consistent, quality content.

Ralph is also a budding filmmaker and produces some original content that is definitely worth checking out and supporting.

Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is one of the friendliest, most affable movie reviewers around, and this genuine personality enables his film reviews to be exceptionally engaging and entertaining. Chris reviews a wider range of films than other comparable channels, covering anime, indie releases and older movies. The reviews are always detailed and founded in a real knowledge of cinema and pop culture, which makes them not only an exceptional reference for filmgoers but also worth watching purely for entertainment.

Chris also has a series called “Hilariocity”, where he explores movies that are so bad he deems them hilarious and reviews them as such.

This channel is essential viewing for any movie enthusiast.

Every Frame A Painting

Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting uses his considerable cinematic knowledge to examine films, techniques and specific scenes, and provide a uniquely insightful and intelligent analysis.  He displays a special appreciation and knowledge of the more intricate techniques and creative approaches of film, and explains them to his audience in a bright but accessible. Tony will leave you with a newfound admiration for all your favourite films, and some new ones that you won’t be able to resist seeking out.

YMS – Your Movie Sucks

The name of this channel is pretty self-explanatory; Adam takes a movie and tells us with equal parts eloquence and ruthlessness why it sucks. No movie is above his criticism, be it cult classic or multi-million dollar blockbuster, but at the same time all criticism is deserved and delivered in a hilarious and enjoyable no-holds-barred manner.

Adam also takes the time to offer his thoughtful and incredibly intelligent insight on better films, with comprehensive explorations of what makes them so great. His Top Film compilations and shorter reviews of new releases also make for excellent viewing.

Adam is a creator who is constantly appreciative of his audience, and doesn’t let you forget it. He’s considerate when it comes to ad placement and derives most of his income from his Patreon, which I think is well worth supporting. As a result of this, his upload schedule is a little slow, but each new video is well worth the wait.

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CineFix delivers a wide range of content including straightforward reviews, homemade movies, “Things You Didn’t Know”, their animated 8-Bit Cinema series and movie lists that encompass an eclectic range of classic and modern cinema. Their lists in particular are very popular, staying succinct yet entertaining, and never crossing over into that dangerous WatchMojo territory we all know and don’t love.

Whether you’re after lighthearted fun or serious analysis, CineFix will have something for you. The channel has recently undergone a bit of an overhaul but the content has managed to remain a consistent standard. 

How It Should Have Ended

This channel is known for their witty animated sketches of alternative endings to popular films. The animators often find humour in these situations by applying real world logic to the cinematic universe, while the cartoons themselves are short and punchy with no room for a dull moment in between all the quick wit and clever humour. They also produce some cool behind the scenes extras, which will be especially interesting to any budding animators or content producers. Look out for the ongoing Batman and Superman cafe after-credits sequences, a definite highlight!