The Best News Channels on YouTube

We think we might just have found the best news channels on YouTube. Every time we make a list we make sure to find someone we know that is seriously into the topic at hand. In this case the list has been written by multiple people to help cover all the different kinds of news outlets from all side of politics

A little about why keeping up with good news sources is important:

“News covers just about everything and anything these days. With the rising up of tabloid media masking as “news” its important to find journalists with integrity and not just ones who’ll write anything for a buck. This list has somewhat of an emphasis on the individual rather than big corporations (although we still include them). Why do we emphasis individuals? When you get to know a person and see them speak their mind on a topic you can begin to trust them. People like Philip DeFranco have helped change the concept of how we ingest our media and all for the better. Enjoy!”

If you’d like to add something to the list please email us and we’ll get right onto it.


A journalist who’s focus is on integrity and not clickbait. Unheard of we know, but it is true. Tim is one of the best ways to get news about the world of politics, his format is simple with a no ‘bs’ attitude. Can’t stress enough how great this channel is for keeping up to date.



Hypocrisy, obstructionism, libertarian ethics and an ability to trigger the left and right like you wouldn’t believe. The guys and gals at reason have an amazing ability to get to the center of what’s going on in any issue and with some great use of comedy. The work they do is focused entirely on the USA, but the USA is the center of attention these days so it’s a great way to get a better more even look at the facts.



In a mix mash of ‘news’ and documentaries the Daily Conversation is all about bringing issues people face to light. It’s not all doom and gloom though, many of the pieces feature new and innovative opportunities for people. The channel tends to have a leaning of left wing politics to it. The quality of content is high here.



A Hollywood News/Talk show. Here’s how he describes it: “Larry King brings you newsmakers of every stripe — from world leaders and entertainers to regular people changing the world or caught in the crossfire of the biggest stories of the day.” Some seriously great interviews and pieces from a man who’s been in the industry forever.



Founded by the Qatari Government/royal family Al Jazeera English is one of the biggest forms of traditional style media on YouTube. The channel produces an enormous amount of content so it can fill up your subscription feed quite a bit, the benefit of this is that they upload all the segments of a traditional site in small segments which allows you to click and watch the issues you care about.So whats the political bias on this channel? Well typically one that is on whatever side the Qatari government is on, but with almost all issues outside of that they remain very objective. What do they produce and cover? You’ll typically find a live stream running, small update pieces, the occasional great feature piece and also news from around the globe which makes it great if you’re looking for something not so US focused.



Ben Shapiro who’s mind is obviously some sort of calculator due to his insane ability to launch in factually based tirades has grown into one of YouTube’s biggest no nonsense conservative voices. The daily wire is an all things politics and news with a conservative spin based in both religion and deregulation. You’ll find a few hosts on this channel but you can find just Ben on his other channel The…

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