Jordan B Peterson

A man between divides trying to speak reason, facts and give people back the responsibilities they were born with. The video above will do a better job of explaining this mans profound impact on the world but if I could say one thing that sums it up, it’s that he’s a second coming of a Christopher Hitchen’s type mind. His views are constantly misrepresented and best heard from his mouth alone. Great man and a great resource for everyone.

Blaire White

Trans Conservative commentator Blaire White has been a big name on the scene recently with attention from traditional media and a lively debate on the Rubin Report with the Redpill Black. So what will you find on her channel? criticism of left wing politics through her own tans/conservative lens, it’s certainly a different perspective than many of the the conservative commentators out there.

Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern is no stranger to many of the politically savvy and for good reason. She started out at the Rebel Media as a libertarian/conservative-ish commentator with a focus on illegal immigration, identity/social justice politics and on the ground insights into black lives matter/antifa. Since leaving the rebel and starting her own channel she’s found herself making political satire videos, commentaries and  just generally being a part of political wars we are seeing on social media. Great channel.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Many people see Milo as the Queen of being politically incorrect with the sole purpose of standing up for American and Western rights and values around the world, and he seems to share this opinion. He is one of the headpieces for a movement against aggressive political correctness, along with feminist and Marxist ideologies, being forced onto students at schools and universities. His views encompass traditionalist, conservative and libertarian positions.