Secular Talk

Kyle Kulinski is a libertarian leftist in some ways, he’s mostly libertarian on social issues but not so on certain governance issues. He’s a well rounded guy and puts his best arguments forward for what he believes and does it in a rational and sensible way.

Claudia Brown

Claudia’s not a communist or socialist but is on the social justice side of politics and most of the things she talks about are along that line. Overall she offers constructive criticism on political issues and breaks down the issues she see’s with them. Good developing channel


An exceptionally well produced, funny and insightful discussion about modern left social justice politics. I mean seriously, seriously well produced. The positions she holds align with that of social justice/marxism(ish) and she makes a rational argument for all of them in her videos. She backs her positions with the evidence she believes to support her position and does so in an exceptionally entertaining way. She’s got a slew of characters and costumes for literally every point and it’s visually stunning.


hbomberguy is kind of a response to the rising popularity of the rational/skeptic ‘thinkersphere’ on YouTube, he goes about tackling popular issues in those communities by showing that not everything is so black and white and they they do get things wrong on the issue. His politics stem from feminism and social justice so most subjects are tackled with that lens. Great channel.

Laci Green

Laci Green has long been a feminist activist who helps people come to terms with not only the sexuality of others but there own as well. She doesn’t quite fall into the social justice/super progressive category but rather a liberal rationalist one who is for certain aspects of social justice. She’s consistently constructive and open for discussion with the topics she covers and prefers to stick to the facts which she draws from a huge variety of places. Great channel

Riley J. Dennis

Trans political commentator Riley certainly has her views and holds them strong no matter the criticisms she receives. Her political alignment is very social justice orientated and the content is a lot less discussion based and rather education based. So what kinds of topics can you expect to see? how misgendering trans people is violence, how you can’t be racist to white people and why a trans person would support Muslims. Enjoy

Theryn Meyer

Trans commentator Theryn Meyer give you the perspective of someone who is neither a full on social justice warrior or a full on anti SJW. She’s level headed, to the point and makes a great variety of videos that aren’t just drama. This channel can give you a real insight into the world of trans people and centralist liberal politics.


Shoe0nHead takes a lighter, more humorous approach to contentious political issues, proving that not everything political needs to be treated completely seriously. She describes her videos as “socio-political commentary” with a focus on feminism and women’s issues.

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” -Oscar Wilde


Sargon of Akkad

Largely a Libertarian at heart Sargon of Akkad or (Carl) takes on just about everything in culture today. Critical analysis of Social Justice and Feminism are regular features as well as an entertaining series such a “This Week in Stupid” which is a look at the events of the week gone by and a critical discussion about them, often very very funny. He’s a lover of history and certain philosophers from it, this influence is clear in his videos. One of the best things about Sargon is his ability to also admit when he is wrong, he doesn’t let personal pride get in the way of the truth. An almost extinct trait in today’s world. Enjoy!

You can also find his second channel “The Thinkery”with short clips about all kinds of things here: