Top Gear

Aside from being a massive car show on TV Top Gear actually produces a magazine and car buying/reviewing website, which is filled with great content. Once again this is very similar to Autoblog and MotorTrend, but has some interesting additional features that are also worth exploring.


No surprises with this tour de force of car culture being in the list, Motor Trend is one of the most entertaining places for car content on youtube and this follows through on there website. It’s not in the same vein as that of jalopnik but more so in that of Autoblog, it has similar features like long term reviews, new car reviews, silly challenges, car comparison tests, buyers guides and much much more. One of the more recent features to the website is Motor Trend on Demand, this is a video/Netflix subscription service for car people, it has all kinds of car content: racing, reviews,¬†hilarious screwing around and so much more. Check it out.


One of the biggest if not the biggest car blog on the net, these guys cover it all really. It’s a large mix of consumer content and enthusiast driven content. Some of the best features about Autoblog are its great resources for researching what new car to buy with helpful things such as its “New Car Guide”¬†search systems and ability to read consumer reviews and Autoblog reviews of cars so you get a true representation of the cars.


Arguably home of the classiest and most beautiful vintage cars on the net, Petrolicious is a Mecca for vintage car lovers. The do full length articles on automotive content, stories on readers rides and get some of the biggest names in automotive history to spill their stories (Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jackie Stewart to name a couple) One of the most amazing things about Petrolicious is how they manage to get such a high caliber of car to feature so regularly, cars reserved for underground bunkers with climate control somehow manage to get out for Petrolicious. This isn’t to say that they only feature unobtanium rather the opposite they feature all that is beautiful about car culture.

I’d recommend this fantastic article about travelling across Africa in a 90’s defender as a starting place:



Jalopnik has long standing been a source of entertaining reading for car enthusiasts. They have a high standard of writing that’s very entertaining in fashion while maintaining strong informative content. One of the best regular articles they run is:

Nice price of crack pipe – A long standing series where you’re shown a car for sale right now in the states that has something unique or interesting about it. You can vote and yell at each other in the comments section below as well which we think adds something.

Something to keep in mind is that Jalopnik is part of Gawker media which has recently been sold off, this could affect the content in the near future. Until then keep on enjoying the content.