The Kibbe and Finnegan Show

You can find it here.




Finnegan probably doesn’t need much of an introduction to most of you because of his work on roadkill but to those who don’t he’s a muscle car and drag boat enthusiast. He’s very laid back and always entertaining. The Kibbe and Finnegan show is a great way to hear two absolute car nuts go on about all things car related.

Mighty Car Mods – The Unicorn Circuit

Hosted on the MCMTV2 Channel the Unicorn Circuit is all things cars, News, what they’re up to and just general discussion. Its always funny and has some good content in it. Enjoy!

Roads Untraveled

Podcast can be found here

Hosted by Marcus Vandenberg and Grayson Ruffo Roads Untraveled is an insight into their lives, how cars play a role, car culture and some pretty crazy car experiences they’re getting to have as a result of the YouTube channel they run. One of the great things about this podcast is that Marcus and Grayson are still experiencing a lot of crazy cars for the first time and you get that raw uncensored emotion coming through because of that. They’ve had a lot of amazing Japanese cars through and a few European ones as well. Find them on Facebook as well to have your chance to ask questions for the podcast.


The Smoking Tire

Podcast can be found here

Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, Chris Hayes, and Thad Brown talk among themselves about cars. They feature all kinds of great guests who have some kind of relationship with cars and conversations are always immensely entertaining. Matt the main host of the podcast could have been a comedian in another life and this comes through in the show, the podcast is worth your time and arguably one of the absolute best automotive podcasts.