Artsy’s goal is to bring you the best art content online and make it accessible. Often the hardest part of getting into something new or finding new things within the passions you hold is the time required to find them, Artsy is a great way to cut down on that time as it houses a huge variety of fantastic artists from all walks of life. What will you find on the site? Paintings, photography, sculptures, prints, film, the latest a greatest exhibitions, fairs, shows, news and a heap more. If you like art this can be a great way to explore the industry and many of its niches.

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50 Watts

You can find it here:

50 Watts is an artwork blogging site which shows pieces from artists and gives a little of the meaning and history. You get to see some great works mostly from book art in international books.

A great quote in the about section of the site: “…quite possibly the richest source of book-related design and illustration in the universe. Will displays the fervour of the most dedicated historian whilst time and again proving he has an eye for exceptional images.” —David Pearson

JR Artist

As JR put it “JR owns the biggest art gallery in the world”. He exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not the museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Act, talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.” you can find him here.

The Art Newspaper

From the page itself: “Unique in its conception and scope, The Art Newspaper publishes around 100 pages of news, interviews, reviews and debate about the art world, every month. It covers everything from antiquity to the contemporary. You can count on it to bring you the crucial stories from around the globe.

You will also find out more about the personalities, artists, events, sales and latest market trends. You can share in debates and controversies. You will be guided through the art market and introduced to special areas of the art world, whether geographical or conceptual, in The Art Newspaper 2. You will be able to plan your visits to forthcoming events using our new exhibitions section.” Great way to keep up with art on social media, you can find them here.