Donut Media

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This page is all about having fun with cars and all things car culture.

Engineering Explained

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Ever wanted to know how your car really works? It’s fine knowing the names of all the parts but its only when you understand what they really do that you can effectively improve your car. Both YouTube channel and Facebook page are well worth keeping up with. Jason has an immense amount of knowledge to share if you’re prepared to learn and will answer some pretty awesome questions that maybe you hadn’t though of before.

Keiichi Tsuchiya

You can find the real Drift King here:

The Touge champion and the drift king. Those stories you hear about people drifting Hachiroku’s in the hills like in Initial D can all be traced back to this man right here.  While you might need to be able to read Japanese for this page, you can always try with google translate. This page is a small insight into the life of this great man, what he’s up to and where he’s been.  Check out this video while you’re at it


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It’s harder to put it better than the description they wrote so here it is “Hoonigan is a motorsport-lifestyle brand with a penchant for automotive debauchery. The company is dedicated to creating authentic products for the rebellious gear head. Its name, a portmanteau (Look it up, yo!), is the combination of “hooligan” and “hoon,” the Australian term for screwing about in cars. In addition to Block—made famous by his Gymkhana films—the Hoonigan team boasts a roster ranging from world champion drifters to Baja 1000 winners.”

Monky London

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Here’s a man truly living the JDM Drift life. Aside from making videos for YouTube he posts even more content on facebook, behind the scenes and just general shenanigans that don’t make it into the videos. He’s a pretty funny guy and knows how to drive.

That Dude in Blue

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ThatDudeinBlue or David Patterson is a YouTube personality all round massive car guy. The guy is out living the life we all want to and takes us along with him in a largely vlog kind of way. Some of his features are driving bonkers tuned cars like 1000hp supras and mental EVOS, He’s also doing some awesome builds such as full on resto mod 240sx build and modding his mustang along the way. Keep up with him on Facebook to see which events he’s at and some behind the scenes footage.

Hagerty Classic Cars

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They may be an insurance company but they’re a pretty damn cool one at that, not only do they run an awesome YouTube channel where they look at mint classics and go barn find hunting but they do some amazing rebuilds of cars while they’re at it. They usually live stream this stuff on Facebook for you to see and also release some awesome time lapse footage afterwards (Check out the Ford Flathead v8 rebuild, it’s mesmerizing)

Hot Rod Magazine

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Keep up with the goings on at Hot Rod Magazine here. They cover… you guessed it hot rodding and in immense detail. From the description: “HOT ROD covers the gamut of hot rodding with an unrivaled mix of technical information, industry commentary, and new trends. We go inside the shops, behind the scenes at the races, and one on one with the people who made hot rodding history”

David Freiburger

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Is there an automotive pie this man doesn’t have his hand in? No. “David Freiburger is the editor-in-chief of Hot Rod magazine and Hot Rod Deluxe magazine and host of Roadkill. He’s the former editor of Car Craft, Rod & Custom, 4-Wheel & Off-Road, and Hot Rod Deluxe. Often seen and heard on Hot Rod TV.” You get to see behind the scenes of pretty much everything going on in the car world, epic photography and he’s always doing something cool. He also has another page that’s rarely updated but pretty interesting called Freiburgers Junkyard.

Mike Finnegan’s Fan Page

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Finnegan from RoadKill and Finnegan’s Garage share all of his antics off screen on his Facebook page, Want to see a 55 Chevy gasser towing a jet boat? you’ve come to the right place.

He makes some pretty dope Merch too which you can find here: I Recommend the Jerry Rigg University T-shirt.


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Motor Trends Road Kill is a page well worth keeping up with. They constantly share pictures and little videos of them messing around with the cars they work on. ROADKILL if you don’t know is arguably the best YouTube automotive show and you don’t even have to be into cars to watch Freiburger and Finnegan work their magic. Roadkill is about two guys going on journeys with a wide variety of cars that either should or shouldn’t but are on the roads and it’s nothing short of brilliant. From the general mayhem to the crusher camaro and even the draguar you’ll be left very entertained by every video they produce. oh and be sure to check out this video of them swapping the LS engine out of the muscle truck and into an old bonneville jet boat.

Roads Untraveled

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Arguably one of the best of the YouTube channels that produces car content and also one of the most under subscribed. The videos are of stunning film quality, the cars are beyond amazing and Marcus is the most humble of hosts who gives you a real insight into the car world and car he’s driving. This is a guy who was born to drive and review cars, this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest car channels in the near future. Keep up with what he’s making for his Channel and get some awesome behind the scenes shots on his Facebook page.

“Hosted by Marcus Vandenberg, Roads Untraveled brings you inside car culture like you’ve never seen it before with fast-paced video features, reviews, written articles, as well as our weekly podcast. Whether you’re into the latest JDM and tuner trends, big displacement muscle, or just want to know what it feels like to take a ride in a supercar, we’ve got you covered. We love car culture just as much as you do, which is why we want to share the experience.”

The smoking tire

Keep up with Matts videos, podcasts and life all on his Facebook page here.

The Smoking Tire, who can go past Matt Farah and an awesome ride to fill some time in the evening? Matt Farah all round good guy and no bullshit reviewer features tonnes of awesome cars on his channel brought to him largely by viewers. The content is always worth watching because it’s never just another review of a stock mustang or another stock Lamborghini but instead it’s often someone’s actual ride and one they’ve spent time and money on, which gives us an insight into what mods do what for different cars. Every now and again we get to see a video of his personal project, a fox body mustang too. Matts videos are largely ‘one take’ style which means largely unrefined and unedited but this has its own charms and if you really want to see him in a highly edited and glossy video you can jump onto the /Drive network which we’ll get to shortly.


The home of Clarkson, May and Hammond’s new site/app that’s all about car culture. They share content about basically anything car and some pretty epic videos from their YouTube channel. Go check it out!

You can find it here.

Goodwood Road & Racing

In what can only be described as pure car pornography on Facebook, Goodwood Road & Racing brings us unadulterated coverage from the event. Take it upon yourself to go about viewing some of the videos they put up on Facebook, they give you a roller coaster of ‘oh god please don’t crash that 1 of 39 ever made 250 GTO’ and ‘holy hell how are they driving so damn fast in those classic cars I never want to stop viewing it’. This Facebook page really is a Mecca for the classic car and just car enthusiast. If you take one thing away from this page its that this above all else is mandatory viewing. Find the here

Hill Climb Monsters

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All about monstrous cars of all era’s going extremely fast on the uphill, while Dori, Dori wouldn’t be as impressed because real men attack on the down hill its still incredible watching these cars at full tilt.


If you’re not sure about having this Channel filling up you News Feed then just check out this video of an R34 GTR going crazy on the uphill.


Car Throttle

Arguably the meme factory for car stuff on the internet, Car throttle on Facebook and Instagram aims to entertain you with some occasionally hilarious memes about car people, interesting quizzes about cars and so much more. Give them a follow and a like and you wont regret it.

Car Throttle also runs some other pages worth checking out as well

Car Throttle JDM :

Just like Car throttle but with more JDM

Car Throttle Supercars:

DuPont Registry

Purveyors of the wildly unattainable for the vast majority of people on this planet they’re the home of connecting people to unique cars for sale. They also share a load of great videos and articles on cars. Find them here


These guys are provocateur’s of taking classic cars and using them for what they were made for. If you follow Petrolicious on Facebook and don’t immediately start drooling with sudden urges to steal a classic supercar and race it along a nasty b road somewhere then something, i’m sure is wrong with you. The creators of arguably the single greatest piece of car cinematography in the last decade also have a Facebook page which provides us with content that celebrates the inventions, the personalities, and the aesthetics of cars and their kin, go find them here


Goodwood Festival of speed

In what can only be described as pure car pornography on Facebook, Goodwood Festival of Speed brings us unadulterated coverage from the event. Take it upon yourself to go about viewing some of the videos they put up on Facebook, they give you a roller coaster of ‘oh god please don’t crash that 1 of 39 ever made 250 GTO’ and ‘holy hell how are they driving so damn fast in those classic cars I never want to stop viewing it’. This Facebook page really is a Mecca for the classic car and just car enthusiast. If you take one thing away from this page its that this above all else is mandatory viewing. Find the here

Motor Authority

These guys have been around since about 2006 focusing on new vehicles and industry news. They largely cover luxury and performance vehicles but a few other things usually get tossed in the mix. Find the here

CAR Magazine

Here’s the description they give themselves “We’ll take you to exotic destinations in the most sensational motors, or parachute you into group tests of key new models. CAR delivers true insight on upcoming cars, sensational scoops and the inside story on the design trends, technology and people shaping your next car. We deliver the best, boldest writing, and photography so captivating you’ll struggle to turn the page. To a depth no other car mag can match, with up to 20 pages on the key stories. If you’re an unconventional thinker who is fascinated by everything from supercars to city cars, and wants to access all areas of the car industry, read CAR.” we think that’s pretty apt to be honest. Find them here

Import Tuner

Dating back to 1998 Import Tuner rode into existence on a wave of new car mods now known as the period of much rice, thankfully that is now over and import tuner has moved on with the period of more modern tuning styles and standards. While it still focuses on ‘out’ there styles they’re always amazing and intriguing, stance, widebody, the latest tech and serious power are all things you’ll get to see. Give them a like here.

Super Street Magazine

As they put it, Super Street Magazine is about “JDM goodies, Euro craziness, Exotics, and overall good times… in case you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of a big deal”, and that’s no lie. With about 4 million people following their activities on Facebook they’re a very big deal. But why you ask? Well, since about 1996 they’ve been publishing high quality content that keeps people coming back and that’s the recipe we’re after.

Motor Trend

The awesome YouTube channel first started out as a magazine, so you can expect them to post quality articles about cars on the daily. You’ll also see links to some of your favourite YouTube shows produced by them as they’re released: Roadkill, Dirt Every Day, Head 2 Head, Hot Rod Drag Week and more. Give them a like here.