Filthy Frank

A staple of the crass comedy sector on YouTube, Franks Facebook page is no different, maybe worse… Frank is a man of extreme talents and extreme actions. At first you may be confronted by his voice (yes it’s in every video) but I assure you if you watch a few video’s you’ll begin to enjoy is and find the hilarity in it. Frank has a series of videos about making cake that I either do or don’t recommend depending on your stomach that starts with:

Vomit Cake:

Hair Cake:

Human Cake:

In addition to cakes, Frank also makes songs and videos that shit on “buzzfeed style culture” and a good portion of the world can get behind this, so enjoy! Oh and pink guy… which is something you’ll just have to learn on your own.

H3H3 productions

If you don’t follow these two on YouTube you’re missing out. Ethan and Hila are two of the nicest and funniest people on the net right now. Great at calling people out and always fair, not to mention hilarious. A must follow on Facebook as well.

Joan Cornella

Joan Cornella is the Da Vinci Code of comics on Facebook and Instagram. Do they have secret hidden meanings? are they face value? That’s up for you to decide, but none the less it’s very, very funny. The humor usually has a dark tone to it though, if that’s not your type then best not for you.