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One of the staples of the YouTube and Social media community and one of the biggest YouTube Science channels AsapSCIENCE covers all things that science can help answer; it might be advice, it might be a question of complete irrelevance to anything and it might even be something really really cool that you didn’t know. They’re entertaining, factual and reliable which is why they’re on this list. Their Facebook page is filled with great content both funny and factual but all with one theme, Science!


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NASA doesn’t really need much of an introduction as to who they are so here’s a little about what they post. How, why, when and absolute everything else you didn’t know anything about until you followed them on facebook. Images of deep space, the most minute things that exist in this universe, incredible piece of technology, the results of amazing trials and pretty much anything else you think NASA might be up to. It’s a great page, go like it.

Science Alert

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A Science magazine that sticks mostly to science? That’s right folks you heard it here first. ScienceAlert is a great way to keep up with all things science, they break it down into fairly easy to follow snippets for us to keep up with. This page is a great resource.

It’s ok to be smart

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Made by PBS ‘It’s Ok To Be Smart’ is all things learning and science, your host Joe Hanson has a Ph.D in Cell and Molecular Biology so it’s safe to say the information will be well researched and reliable. In terms of the content they cover a huge amount of topics and its all produced with a very high quality, animations and clean recording. This channel is also very kid friendly for those that want to get kids into learning.

Engineering Explained

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Ever wanted to know how your car really works? It’s fine knowing the names of all the parts but its only when you understand what they really do that you can effectively improve your car. Both YouTube channel and Facebook page are well worth keeping up with. Jason has an immense amount of knowledge to share if you’re prepared to learn and will answer some pretty awesome questions that maybe you hadn’t though of before.

Nobel Prize

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Nobel prizes were established in 1895 to be awarded to those who excell in Chemistry,Literature , Peace, Physics, Physiology or Medicine. Today the Facebook page is about those whom have been awarded the prize in the past as well as new recipients when they are announced.  They regularly post fantastic articles about how and why people won the awards, what breakthroughs and sacrifices they made, and much more. Enjoy!


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Run by a man named Brady, Numberphile is all about…. numbers and how utterly confused they can make you. This Page is great for explaining the mathematical equations that can literally stop you getting stabbed with a sword (The Josephus Problem) and who doesn’t want to avoid getting stabbed with a sword. Enjoy