Scrambled O

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Scrambled O is another channel with an emphasis on learning bushcraft and self-sufficiency in a natural environment. As well as the bushcraft itself, there are some useful DIY instructions on how to create items from scratch that will make your camping easier, such as cutlery and utensils.

Joe Robinet

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Starred in recent history channel film series, “Alone” Joe makes a great YouTube series based on Bushcraft and getting out into the wild. He does a great mix of content on his channel and is a true entertainer, his content is a mix of trips into the wild with his dog “scout”, his friends and informative videos about bushcraft/outdoor gear. One of the great things about this channel is the production value and quality of his videos, the man knows his way around a camera and it shows in the videos.

MCQ Bushcraft

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MCQ Bushcraft is run by Michael McQuilton who hails from the United Kingdom. The first thing that will be obvious to you when watching/reading this channel/blog is the level of knowledge this guy has about his environment,  which he I might add readily shares in such a humble manner. The channel isn’t about hardcore survival but about bushcraft in which you take the tools you need to survive in the environment you choose to live in and learn about. He runs through a whole bunch of things about living in the wild as well as doing a number of hunting and survival trips. The scenery is beautiful and Michael is very easily to listen to. One of the best series he’s done on his channel is “bushcraft basics” which takes you from knowing nothing about bushcraft to having the knowledge about the right gear and right ways to go about doing bushcraft in your area!

First Man Image

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First Man Image is a Outdoor photography page run by Adam Greentree who is both a hunter and outdoors-man living in rural Australia. The photography is spectacular because of how remote Adam travels, the night skies will blow your mind.