Eric Blandford is the host of the YouTube channel iraqverteran8888 and complete weapons nut at that. Eric hosts a number of series on his show: Gun gripes, Man Can, firearms facts, gun reviews and meltdowns. Gun Gripes is a show about issues that gun owners are facing and some of the misconceptions that people have about them. Man Can is a subscription box that helps support the show, it’ filled with different things each month and he goes through what they are on the show. Meltdowns are probably the episodes with the most wow factor, Eric usually picks a well known gun and puts it through the rounds until it finally breaks, they then take us through what failed and why it failed.

The Facebook page is a great way to keep up with gun news and what Eric is up to on his channel as well. You can find them on Facebook here.

Demolition Ranch

“NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL”  Damn right its not. This page is run by a guy named Matt who stitches together awesome videos about shooting stuff with guns and interesting/weird stuff out of them too. Matt’s sense of humor is one of the things that makes this channel great, very down to earth and very real. Watch out for creepy cooter though..

You can find it here.