Watch as Grant and his team go about utilizing there test kitchen to invent recipes, entertain and solve common problems for cooks. They’re a bunch of super friendly people and know what they’re doing, the filming is also of insanely high quality so there not much not to love.




What’s better than just a cooking channel? A cooking channel that travels. Tastemade is “a global community of food and travel lovers. From quick recipes to original series, they’re uploading new videos every single day to share there favorite food and travel stories from around the world. They’re also known to get a little quirky sometimes, so keep an eye out for surprises”. Aside from their main social media page, there are other subsets more specific to locations/cultures, such as Tastemade Japan, Tastemade UK, etc.



Alex French Guy Cooking

Alex is a connoisseur of the delicious and the somewhat time consuming food making processes. From making wine to Dry aging beef you’ll get to see some seriously delicious stuff being created and made on this channel. He’s a hilarious guy as well and knows how to put stuff together in style.



India Food Network 

From the description: “India Food Network-India’s First HD Food Network is your step by step guide to simple and delicious home cooking. From regional Indian cuisine to popular dishes from around the globe, our focus is on making cooking easy. With loads of quick tips and easy tricks, these recipes are shot and produced in natural home environments so you too can cook the perfect dish right at home.”



Facebook page here:

This channel is owned by BuzzFeed and is packed full of content. It’s might even be too much for your newsfeed or YouTube subscription list at times. They do all kinds of short recipes, competitions and ‘tastings’. You’ll occasionally get a bit of politics thrown in on this channel and most videos are 1-2 minutes with some up to 5. I’d recommend the Facebook page over the YouTube channel if you don’t want to clog things up too much.